Top Ten Posts in 2017

02 January 2018|

I love looking back and reflecting on the year gone by and Instagram always does it well with the years #bestnine – so I decided to look back on the Top Ten Blog Posts in 2017 – and all decided on by you as your favorite posts…

  1. Judging Others

As a lifestyle and mommy blogger, I am humbled that this was the most popular post of the year. It speaks volumes for the lovely ladies that read my blog, and encouraging that so many mamas out there could relate to this post. May 2018 be the year of no judgement.

2. ZB’s Nursery: Home Tour

I won’t lie, our baby girls nursery is one of my favorite rooms in our home. This wallpaper gets me every time – and the precious moments and memories made in this room make my heart burst!

3. 32nd Birthday

Yay for parties being so popular too! This blog is never short of a celebration or function, and I just love putting them together. All these beautiful ladies have truly made my year and been such a special part of our lives. Bring on the 2018 celebrations!

4. Home Office: Home Tour

This post seemed to be popular due to the organization. You all know my OCD, A-type personality needs this structure and it makes my heart happy that it inspired so many of you to get organized too. Looking forward to making some creative magic in this space this next year.

5. Master Bedroom: Home Tour

Haha, I love that you are all as inquisitive as I am – is there anything better than walking through other peoples homes? I just love seeing their family space, their style, their way of living – it really interests me. And this little sanctuary of mine is a space I am so proud of…

6. Seven Years

Our wedding anniversary post – some people obviously like the mushy, emotional, romantic side to me. And I love that part of me too – and this gorgeous groom of mine! He deserves weekly posts on all that he does for me and our girls, and the way he makes me feel. So many more years ahead for us MC (and no seven year itch here!)

7. Birthday Wish List

Who doesn’t love a birthday and cute gifts?! These wish lists are not only fun to put together and wishful thinking but have turned out to be great gift ideas for my hubs and friends. I have to be honest – I hate giving gifts that could potentially never be used or rather thrown away but rather a gift that they person really wants, and no one likes receiving something they feel they “have” to use or keep. I was lucky enough to receive all but two of the below gifts this year, so spoilt! (the diamond earrings will come one day!)

8. SJ’s Big Girl Room: Home Tour

I could only dream of a room like this as a child… Light and spacious, simple and uncluttered, cute and girly and practical. I love that SJ just loves her room too!

9. A Day in the Life

These posts fascinate me – I love getting insight into others peoples days, schedules and routines. Call me a nosy parker! This was one of my most popular posts on Instagram and a great reach on Insta stories too – maybe another one is due soon…

10. ZB’s Birth Story

Aw, my sweet baby girl and her entrance into the world. I love reading birth stories – and all the emotions and feelings about welcoming a little miracle into the world. This was our favorite birth experience out of the three so I loved writing this post and sharing it with you all.

And once again, posts like these wouldn’t be what they are without your continuous support and engagement. I started blogging for me and I love recording our life memories in my little online space BUT the wonderful people I have connected with through my blog and the daily interactions I have with so many of my readers, really put a smile on my face.

Thank you, and happy 2018!


*Stock image from Social Squares


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