MC and I met in 2005 – he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. He lived in the United Kingdom and I lived in South Africa – not exactly a recipe for success... But our meeting made us believe in “love at first sight” – we both just knew from day one that there was an instant click, bond and connection.

Fast forward 18 months and both being single but still on different continents, we struck up a virtual ‘relationship’ – we sent texts, we sent emails and there were a few calls too. This online communication helped us get to know each other and began a relationship that was sealed with a kiss on his return.

This was the first of many kisses that would result in fireworks, tummy butterflies, knees like jelly and an increased fuzzy heart rate. We dated from across the seas from September 2006 (read about our long distance journey here) and the distance only made us stronger. We built a strong trust from early days and we spent a fortune on phone calls and skype conversations but both agreed that it would all be worth the wait!

In December 2009, the wait came to an end and MC went down on one knee amongst flowers and candles and we became love-sick fiance’s. 10 months of non stop planning, engaged kisses and cuddles and utter excitement lead us to the biggest day of our lives – our wedding.

Saturday, 2nd October 2010 was a very special day - the day we committed our lives to each before God, our family and closest friends. We became husband and wife. We became one. A beautiful day on the east coast, all pink and champagne, with hearts and fortune cookies, Protea’s and sweeties.
A day we saw coming for years... and will never forget!