Birthday Wish List

01 August 2017|

August is birthday month!

The countdown to my birthday has begun… 22 days to go!

And after spending my birthday last year in bed with severe morning sickness, I am definitely going to make up for it this year! Not that I ever need an excuse… And what is a birthday without a gift wish list?

Birthday Wish List

  1. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense lip sticks (love the lighter pink shades)
  2. Thandana Shelley Beach Utility Shopper (lumo on charcoal color)
  3. Diamond earrings (these will be on my list until I get them!)
  4. Cotton On gift card (my favorite store for gym wear and pajamas)
  5. Superga Basic Canvas White Sneakers
  6. Superga Classic Cotu Black Sneakers
  7. Coral Nike Flex Supreme Cross Trainers
  8. BlendSmart Makeup Brush
  9. Country Road gift card
  10. Thandana Shelley Beach Single Toiletry (lumo on charcoal color)
  11. Thandana Shelley Beach Vanity (lumo on charcoal color)
  12. Oyster Box spa voucher
  13. Fossil purse

YAY for birthdays!

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