August Goals

03 August 2017|

AUGUST is birthday month!! That’s all that matters…


July Goals

Have FUN in the holidays. We had SO MUCH FUN. Read all about our Winter Holiday Bucket List here.

Host our July Party. Is it possible for every year to get bigger and better? And silent disco – no comment. Such a good night with our friends – full recap here.

Wardrobe Clean Out. Oh man, this feels so good. Clean and clear cupboards for the whole family – and hopefully some extra cash for the old/new items.

Weekend Getaway. The most amazing weekend with our precious family of five – so good for the soul. Full recap here.

Complete my Louise Parker 6-week program. I DID IT!!! And I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I managed to eat clean for six weeks, train mean for two weeks (the holidays threw me off!) and lose half of what I need to to get to goal weight/cm. And I’m inspired for the next six weeks!

Start Baby Classes with ZB. We enjoyed our first class and we both loved it. It is so special to spend the quality time with my baby garland make the time each week to give her her own special time. Not always easy with two toddler schedules to work around.

August Goals

Celebrate my birthday. Enjoy the 24 hours of my special day with my precious family. I love the life I live and my birthday is the best day to celebrate and be reminded of all I have to be grateful for.

Host my birthday brunch. We all know I love a party and now it’s for me and  cannot wait to celebrate with my gorgeous girlfriends.

Complete another 3 weeks of my eat clean/train mean program. I have a certain goal in mind to reach before Summer and I am being strict again for the next three weeks before my birthday.

Have fun at a bachelorette party. One of my oldest school friends is getting married next month and we will be celebrating her bachelorette party this month!

Introduce solids to ZB. How is it possible that my baby girl is eating food already? Yay for having with with experimenting with new foods and recipes for her.

Read two books. I have just recently finished another great thriller, and my goal is to read two more this month. My special me-time.

Find a new Church home for our family. It has been on our hearts to find a new church home for our family, and we are exploring a few options this month. Praying we find a good fit for me as a woman of the sisterhood, MC as a leader and follower of Jesus and for our girls to start their spiritual journey.

What are your goals for August? I would love to hear them in the comments.



  1. What a busy and exciting month you have! As you search for a new church, I’d love to invite you to visit Harvest Church in Somerset Park. We have been so happy here for many years. And the children’s church is phenomenal! My Noah loves it! Feel free to email me if you’d like more info! Megan xx

    1. Thanks so much Megan, I will definitely keep it in mind. We visited a church last Sunday and will visit it a few more times to not confuse the girls and then take it from there x

  2. Lovely goals, well done on achieving all your July ones!! Mine is to survive week 13-17 of a very challenging pregnancy without ending up in the clinic on fluids. Thank heavens for a paramedic husband who takes such good care of me! Also to continue settling into our new life in Zambia!

    1. So proud of you my friend – after being through this three times, I can sympathize with you. I had weeks offloads and IV drips – weeks in hospital and days hooked up at my GP. I wished so often that I had a carer or paramedic at home for me! Thinking of you and praying you feel good soon x

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