Seven Years

05 October 2017|

Seven years.

This week, MC and I celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. What is that they say about the seven year itch? Well it ain’t happening over here. In fact, I didn’t think seven years ago, standing at the altar that I could love MC more than I did in that moment, but I do. So much more.

We were lucky enough to escape on a  two day getaway for our anniversary, sans kids. And it was the most amazing quality time spent together. We are in a crazy season of life – busy work schedules, business travels, three kids under the age of five and social events every weekend. And as much as we try and make time to be together – this break was exactly what we needed, uninterrupted quality time to really connect again.

Spending time in the bush, away from technology and children, breathing in the African fresh air, spending hours chatting and connecting, and being spoilt to the most incredible animal sightings – we couldn’t ask for any more.

One evening, MC asked me to name seven things I love about him, and I thought I would share my answers here:

I love the way you love me. I have always considered myself quite unlovable and I have often questioned how someone could love me for me, with all my faults and flaws. But you don’t see any of that. You love me so deeply and so unconditionally, and you constantly put me first. Every day. Nobody has ever loved me like that.

I love the Daddy that you are. You exceed all expectations. You love and adore your girls and you would do anything for them – you play dress up, have your nails painted, plait and braid their hair, change all nappies and get up during the night. You are never too tired or too busy to be with them and you are beyond hands on. I envy the Dad that they get to experience but also so grateful that they have you as their male role model in their lives.

I love your gorgeousness. You are the sexiest man on the planet. I love and adore every feature about you – the curls in your hair, the crinkles in your eyes, your cheeky grin, your broad shoulders, your well-manicured hands, your rock hard abs, your strong legs, and your immaculate feet. But also the gorgeousness that shines from the inside.

I love your love for Jesus and the spiritual faith you believe in. You encouraged me to begin my journey to becoming closer to Jesus, you encouraged me to read the Word and you began my love for prayer. You are a true Godly example and your live in His image every day. Thank you for instilling your morals and values and beliefs in me, and for being the Angel in my life. It is because of you that I am a Child of God.

I love your ambition and hard working nature. Nothing is too much for you. From deepest, darkest African countries, hours and hours of cross-continent travel, jet lag and time changes, late nights and early mornings. You just soldier on and you are excited and passionate about what you do. You work hard and know that all this will pay off as you build the foundation for us and our family.

I love that I have never heard anyone say a bad word about you. There isn’t a person in this world who doesn’t like you – everyone loves and respects you, looks up to you and appreciates you. It is very rare for this to happen…

I love how loyal you are to me, your friends and your family. I trust you with my whole heart and soul, and I know that you would never lie or betray me. In the short space of six months, we built a relationship and trust for each  other that withstood four years of long distance, across continents and we made it through stronger than ever.

You would do anything for your family – from loving and caring for your Mum, helping and supporting your Dad in business and times of difficulty, to flying across the world to watch your baby sister run a marathon and accompany your big sister to the doctor with a sick niece of babysit your niece and nephew to give your siblings a break. You go above and beyond and always give of your self, no matter how it may affect you.

And you would give the shirt off your back or your very last penny to a friend in need. And you do. You are selfless and generous beyond measure, even when it isn’t appreciated. You would give up everything just to help others, and those that you love.

How easy does he make it for me to love him?

Happy Anniversary my love, I cannot wait for the decades ahead.


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