Misery into Ministry

03 October 2017|

“Embracing your misery to be become your ministry”

I was brought to tears (again!) reading the amazing blog post, Oysters by my very special new friend and co-pastor at our new church. Yes writes so beautifully and with such intention and conviction, and every posts really speaks to me.

Last week was rough. It was pretty darn miserable.

My husband was away on business for the week (he missed a whole weekend and public holiday with us and then the whole week).

It was the one week Spring school holiday for my older two girls.

SJ broke out in a body fall of red and itchy bites. Not chicken pox, or measles, or hand foot and mouth disease… Bites. We kept her off the grass and out the sandpit. We cleaned, steamed, vacuumed and aired her bed linen, mattresses, carpets and clothes. We changed her body wash and lotion. They just kept coming… Everywhere. We needed anesthetic cream and an antihistamine and they seem to be controlled for now.

ZB had croup – a horrible bark that needed cortisone, nose spray and a nebulizer every day and night. She woke up every time she coughed at night, she screamed with the nebulizer mask over her face and she was miserable. She also cut her first tooth (three months earlier than her older sisters) and she was in pain. She also went through a stage of separation anxiety and in public, she only wanted her mama.

EN had it the worst. She got croup, double ear infection, inflamed throat and a week of high fevers (up to 41,5’C one night!) She is also our baby girl that suffers from febrile seizures so if it spikes too quickly, she starts to convulse. Days and nights of a very sad little poppet who was constantly on fire, in pain and feeling miserable – and having to medicate every 3-4 hours.

One of the busiest work weeks for LuluPop. Obviously. I have had three parties since re-opening and I had four parties just this week. All to be designed, approved, printed, delivered, and invoiced. A reminder that I am the one and only employee.

Did I mention my partner in crime was away all week? I can almost bet my life savings that this is exactly why all of the above happened this week – it happens every time! As MC walks out the door and straps into his airplane seat, the walls start to crumble at home – things break, everyone gets sick and don’t sleep, work gets hectic, and it’s the weekend or holidays. Why? I have no idea!


As Tes states in her blog post – we need to embrace our misery to become our ministry. He only gives us what we can handle, and I am gently reminded that I am strong and courageous and I can actually function on very little sleep.

And as I sat in prayer last Thursday evening, Jesus reminded me to remember and see the good in all of this bad.

My husband was away… BUT I have a husband, the very best husband and he was away building kingdoms and shaping an extraordinary path for our future.

My girls were all sick… BUT I have three precious miracles, they are my daughters and I am their mama. And they are temporarily ill – they do not have terminal diseases and through special doctors, medicine and the power of prayer, they are now all well and healthy.

It was the weekend and school holidays… BUT family and friends rallied together to help with meals, medicine, play dates, phone calls and messages and prayer. And during the week, our domestic staff and au pair really helped me with easing the load.

Work was hectic and busy… BUT I have a business that allows flexibility and for me to embrace my passion and be creative. It gave me a few hours to myself in the chaos to be creative and do what I love.

And I made it out alive and with a smile on my face.

Try and remember this the next time you are faced with endless hurdles and challenges – try and be grateful before moaning, say “thank you” before you say “why me?” and cry tears of joy over tears of sorrow.


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  1. I really needed to read this today, thank you! We have had 3 months of on and off sickness, with 101 appointments and in the middle of me trying to study and finish my degree, its been horrible 🙁 AND to top it off, I flew to New Zealand with both kids yesterday to surprise my mom for her birthday and Miss M woke up with hand foot and mouth this morning!!!! 🙁 When it rains it seems to pour, BUT as you say, we must try and remember the good through the bad times and remember that the hardships are only temporary. Hope you are all well again and getting some much deserved rest x

    1. Ah Saskia, I am so sorry! I know this feeling all too well as busy mamas, we often feel like these tough times are never going to end! praying for your strength and grace to get through this crazy season – and that your little Miss M heals quickly. You are a brave and strong woman, and I am super proud of you x

      1. Thank you so so much lovely, I really needed to hear that. Sending you all so much love and happy, healthy hugs x

  2. Oh gosh! I am sorry I was so useless last week and added to that stress you experienced! I’m glad you found the strength to come out on top! You are a classy lady Missy!
    Sending lots of love x

  3. I absolutely love reading your Blogs Caley. You are such a beautiful, talented young woman and a great example to all young Mums. May God continue to bless you and your precious family as you shine for Him. I have met you on one or two occasions when you were much younger but you most probably won’t remember me. Through my in-laws Alex and Flo Breeds, I was privileged to meet and get to know your grandparents – Dave and Dot Donaldson. These two beautiful people loved you so very much and we’re immensely proud of you. So you see, I feel connected to you in some way. I too am a follower of Jesus and pray that our Lord will touch, heal and restore you, your hubby and each of your gorgeous little girls. With much love. Robynne Breeds

    1. Wow Robynne, your comment and kind words really mean so much to me. Thank you for sharing them.
      I am the woman I am today because of my amazing grandparents and our love for Jesus, and we miss them every day. I remember your in-laws so well – sending lots of love and thank you again for reaching out.

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