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08 September 2017|

On Monday, I decided to do a #ADayintheLife day on my Insta stories. And it received such an amazing reception from so many people – who are clearly as intrigued as I am at how others spend their days, that I thought I would share my Monday (and some daily routine times) with everyone.


06h00 – Wake Up. We all wake up at the same time in the mornings which works for all of us.

06h15 – Get dressed. Between MC and myself, one of us dresses the older two girls (in the same outfit which makes it easier and quicker) and the other gets ZB up and nappy changed. We also dress ourselves.

06h30 – Breakfast. We all congregate in the kitchen – all three girls having their breakfast, me having my tea and MC having his morning shake.

07h00 – MC leaves to drop the girls at school.

07h15 – I sneak in some quiet time with my tea, Bible and devotional before the crazy day begins.

07h30 – Gym time for me. I am currently on a training programme that includes three days of functional weight training and two days cardio. I get a protein shake at the gym as my breakfast.

08h30 – Quick shower (either at home or the gym depending on the plan for the day).

09h00 – Bikini wax (not so much fun!)

10h00 – Shopping for the day. I do a weekly shop on a Monday for our groceries and today I had to get all our baby supplies and vitamins.

12h00 – Home to unpack and spend some time with ZB (for the international readers – we are blessed with the most amazing Nanny who is home with ZB when I am out).

12h30 – MC is away on business tonight so we manage to squeeze in a lunch date before he heads home to pack and go to the airport.

13h30 – Parent/teacher interview. In the first and third terms, SJ’s school hosts parent/teacher interviews to keep parents up to date with their child’s progress. We are very proud of our SJ who is doing so well.

14h30 – Home to spend the afternoon with my girls. We have an impromptu playdate after their ballet lessons.

17h00 – Dinner time for ZB.

17h15 – Bath time for SJ and EN.

17h30 – Bath time for ZB.

17h45 – Dinner time for SJ and EN

18h00 – Bedtime for ZB

18h15 – Star chart and brush teeth for SJ and EN

18h15 – Story time and prayers for SJ and EN

18H30 – Bedtime for SJ and EN

19h00 – With MC away on business, I could enjoy a quiet bath and relax time

21h00 – Bedtime for me

How do you spend your days?And your daily routine?



    1. Ah my Che, you are too kind – this organization is the only way I can get life to run relatively smoothly and my A-type/OCD personality contributes too! x

  1. Hi Caley. Hope you are well. You are truly so organized and disciplined. Please can you tell me where you got your rewards chart? I’m looking for one for my girls. Take care.

    1. Hi Venisha, thank you for the kindest words. These reward charts were from Cotton On – I will be posting some on LuluPop soon x

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