ZB – 6 Months

14 September 2017|

Month 6: 

Weight: 8.6kgs

Height: 67.5cm

Clothing size: We are now in 6-9 and even some 6-12 months!!

Diaper size: Size 4

Feeding: Cereal and fruit with a bottle at 7am, bottle at 10am, vegetables and fruit with a bottle at 12.30pm, bottle at 3pm and vegetables and a bottle at 5.30pm for dinner. And she doesn’t leave anything behind!

Sleep: Dare we say we are almost sleeping through? We had a good two weeks of 6pm – 5.30-6am and then a few growth spurt hiccups with dummy runs around 3-4am but almost there…

Milestones: She can now sit on her own, she rolls over, she controls her head well, she is very interested in everything and everyone, she transfers toys from one hand to another, she chatters and babies, she hears weight well on her legs and she is always smiling and giggling – such a happy bub!

Loves: Still loves her food. Loves the splashing in the bath and water trickling down her face, even had her first shower this month too! She adores her sisters and mama and dada – nothing better than watching her face light up to see us!

Dislikes: Not too much she doesn’t like – a very happy girl at the moment.

Adventures: ZB is now loving her Baby Bright Stars classes and enjoys the time with mama on Fridays. She spent the day with Nan & Bumpa and just loved her time with them. And we held her very special Baby Dedication at home.

Mommy & Daddy could not live without: You. It is amazing how we can hardly remember life without you baby girl, you really have just fitted into our little family and made us all complete. We all love and adore you and love watching you grow and develop each month.

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*Monthly pictures taken by the very talented Bron from Vanilla Photography*



  1. Beautiful baby girl we love you xxx and aunty Shanny wants you to speak to your lil bestie about the sleeping through… please teach her your ways 💗

    1. Haha, nothing like croup to throw that out the window for a few nights but at least we know she can do it. Otherwise sleep training it would be… x

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