Drakensberg – July 2018 (or not!)

02 July 2018| ,

Anyone else find the Winter school holidays quite unassuming?

They aren’t too long, most Dads don’t take time off work, you can’t just run around in a cozzie all day and it takes some planning to keep the kids entertained. Every year, I sit and plan a fun holiday itinerary (a post on that to follow) but as a family, we always try and sneak in a few days away. The past few years, we have escaped to the very chilly Drakensberg mountains.

This holiday was no different and we booked a long weekend trip to Champagne Sports Resort has in the Drakensberg. On Tuesday evening, a nasty stomach bug hit our home with poor little ZB up all night getting sick and a bad tummy, which continued into Wednesday. On Wednesday evening, the big hit our little EN – and she was man down! We decided that we would wake up on Thursday morning, see how the patients were and make a decision. We woke up after a rough night of sickness to two relatively chirpy little girls who were desperate for their Berg weekend away, so we packed our bags and the car and headed to the mountains. Unfortunately, as we parked the car – EN got sick everywhere. We managed to sneak in an hour in the kids club before both girls were man down and in bed with a very sore and tired mama too. On Friday morning, we packed and drove straight to the doctor. Armed with medication and liquids, the three of us slept all afternoon. On Friday evening, the bug hit poor SJ but she fought it well and by Saturday afternoon – we had all recovered and were bright eyed and bushy tailed again.

Our Berg weekend wasn’t meant to be, but our own home and own beds, and special quality time fixed us all up.


Drakensberg Summer 2017

Drakensberg Winter 2017

Drakensberg Summer 2016


  1. Even though it wasnt the break you all looked forward to I hope it was a time of rest and recovery and that the Rosie fam is SO healthy for the remainder of this year my friend! So sorry your holiday ended before it even began, but so proud of your unending positivity xxx you’re the best

  2. so sorry y’all were sick!! all of you girls are so beautiful – and it really shines in their sweet eyes that it’s internal as well (:

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