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28 June 2018|

MC and I have always wanted just two things for our children:

  1. They know Jesus.
  2. They are surrounded by good people.

These may seem simple and easy and matter-of-fact but actually, this may be two of the most difficult things you can teach or ensure for your children. Although let’s be honest, no much in the parenting field comes easy – but all we can do, it try. And try our very best.

They are surrounded by good people.

This is probably the hardest one to control but we can try our best. We like to encourage good, wholesome friendships, we have chosen schools and clubs based on loving and nurturing teachers and coaches, we have found a Church home with an exceptional kids church with incredible volunteers and we continue to pray each day that all through life, our girls will be guided and influenced by good people (in friendship circles, sports competitions, the school classroom, the work place and the life partner they choose one day). Being surrounded by good people truly shapes who you are and the path you choose in life – along with the decisions you make. It is so important.

They know Jesus.

I didn’t grow up in a practising Christian home and it was only later on in life that I got to know and love Jesus. We pray that our girls will always know Jesus – in the most special and innocent way as they do now, and that their relationship with him grows and deepens as they start to learn the Word and praise his worship. With Jesus in your heart, soul and life – anything and everything is possible.

I thought that at a young age, it was difficult for me to encourage my girls to know Jesus on a deeper level. I thought that their kids church and their Sunday school fun was teaching them so much – along with our praise and worship in our home and our car and our daily prayers.

And then I found Lara Casey’s Write the Word for Kids! and I got so excited. What a fun way to encourage your children to learn and write the Word. I ordered a journal for my older two girls and when they arrived, I put one away for EN for when she is a bit older and I gave SJ hers – and she jumped up and down in delight!!

This journal was created to help kids ages 5-12 dive into scripture with carefully-chosen verses to write and draw out, Bible Bingo, coloring pages, and sections to write what’s on their heart. And fun sticker pages too.

SJ and I have already so many special hours with her journal – she loved setting her five little goals and she has already learnt so much about the verses we have read, and she has written herself (also great practice with her learning to write). Seeing her having fun drawing and coloring and choosing her stickers – all whilst learning more about Jesus and His Word makes my heart sing with joy.

How do you encourage your children to get to know Jesus?


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