Dear ZB… On Your 1st Birthday

09 March 2018| ,

9 March 2017

The day our family become complete when you blessed the world with your presence. The day your momma felt instant relief at never being pregnant again but eternal gratitude for you being safe and healthy in the world.

9 March 2018

Our very last 1st birthday celebration. But the happiest day to celebrate a wonderful year of you.

Dear ZB,

Happy 1st Birthday our baby girl.

I have to be very honest, your birthday today is a very emotional day for your mamma. I am so excited and proud at the year that you have had and experienced and the year that you have blessed us with as parents, but I am genuinely devastated – heartbroken that you are no longer my baby but officially a toddler, and truly heart sore that we are officially done with babies – no more first year milestones to experience. I feel like I am finishing a chapter in a book that I never want to put down.

But… I wipe my tears because today is the happiest day. Today we celebrate you – and we love to celebrate you our little pudding. As hard as it is to believe that you are already one and this past year just flew by too quickly, we also feel like you have always been a part of our family. You came into this world 365 days ago, eager to meet us all and you have been pure perfection from the second you were born (even our Dr said so!) You have brought endless love and joy to our family and there isn’t a person who doesn’t coo and dote over you, in awe of your squishy cuteness and mesmerized by those big blue eyes.

You are a real Daddy’s girl. You only have eyes for him, and he carries your heart in his hands. And none of us blame you, we think he is pretty awesome too! Your bond is something you have shared since he first held you in his big hands and your eyes met, and you truly light up his world – even after a long day at work or endless hours of training. You may be the baby sister in the house but your big sisters put you high on a pedestal, their real life doll and the source of their giggles and love. They have always loved and adored you, been so gentle with you and idolized your little soul – never a day of jealousy or resentment at you being our new addition, they love you THAT much!

You are one lucky little lass to have the devoted Daddy and adoring big sisters that you do. They will always be there to protect you, love on you, smother you and keep you safe. I know that these bonds will always be so strong and will never be broken – because you have stole a piece of their hearts. Forever.

We thank our Jesus every day for the miracle rainbow blessing that you are – we thank Him for keeping you safe and healthy, and for blessing us with another precious little soul. We are eternally grateful for your calm and gentle nature, your cheeky grin and scrunched up little nose, your excitement and delight and cute little sense of humor. We love that you are adventurous and inquisitive but also like to stay close to home, we love your joy and excitement and pure zest for life, and shouting hooray every day! We love the way you dance when you hear music and you love for people to sing to you. We love your love for food, and all food – there is nothing you won’t eat. And we love the chubby little rolls you have to show for this.

Thank you my little Belle for being the perfect puzzle piece in completing our family. Thank you for capturing this mama heart and making it warm and fuzzy. Thank you for our evening cuddles and forehead to forehead kisses. Thank you for being the littlest apple of my eye, and for one of the best years of my life.

Happy birthday my baby girl, we love you to the moon and back.

Love Mommy, Daddy and your big sisters SJ & EN


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