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05 March 2018| ,


The action of organizing something.

Arrange systematically. Order.

(i.e.: the only way I can live life to the fullest)

It’s no secret around here that with a hard working and traveling husband, three small children – two different schools and one at home, running a home and until recently, a business as well as my own life – organization is key in my life. It is the one thing that keeps me sane.

It takes time, effort and planning. But it is all so worth it.

But let’s be real and honest, organizing the lives and schedules of three little people is not easy. But with a very strict routine for us all and weekly Sunday night planning – our weeks run pretty smoothly.

Our girls have grown up with a routine, pretty much from four weeks of age. I was blessed with an amazing antenatal nurse who guided me through establishing a healthy baby routine that worked for the whole family – feeding every three hours, the same early bath time and bed time each day and very rarely did we allow this routine to be interrupted. And it worked – our babies ate well, slept well and adapted well in new surroundings if we kept the routine the same.

As toddlers, we instilled the same importance of routine. Same dinner time, bath time and bed time each night. Healthy meals and no TV during the week, but treats and fun on the weekends. And again, this has served us so well.

Now that our older two girls are growing up, going to school and enjoying so many after school activities, prepping for the next day has become quite a task. Teaching the girls responsibility, even from their young age, is so important for us and for them. We have always encouraged them to try and do things themselves and then ask for help, rather than just say “I can’t” and give up too easily. At the beginning of this year, I sat with the girls and explained each evening that we need to pack our bags for the next day: school bags and after school activity bags (these include puzzle and library bags, ballet and swimming bags, tennis kits and art aprons etc.

As hard as they try to remember, it’s not easy for a three and five year old to remember the days of the week and each activity. And then the talented Danielle from Pink Glitter made all my mama woes disappear… With these amazing Kids Daily Planners.

The planners are A3 laminated display boards with three blocks for each day, personalized with your child’s name and their specific activities. Each activity attaches to the day with a velcro strip – which allows you to change them each term. Absolute genius! And the cute little pictures make it so easy for the little ones to see which activity they have each day – all before they can read!

Order yours today – visit the online store.

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  1. Love this idea! I made one for Tyler at the beginning of the school year as he kept asking what he had on each day and would want to pack his own bags. I just made a cheap one using a while board calendar and laminated my own pics, but these are SO much nicer x

    1. So clever!! I love that they can now be responsible by looking at the pictures – teaching them such valuable lessons x

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