07 May 2015|

7 May 2014
The day our lives changed so wonderfully for the second time. The day that you decided you were far too eager to meet Mommy & Daddy and you entered the world with a slight rush and panic (and 5 weeks earlier than expected) but with the strong will to fit, the chubbiest little features and a love like no other.
7 May 2015
A whole year has passed by – a year of magical memories, endless smiles and giggles and 52 weeks of your precious life. We cannot believe you are already ONE.
Dear EN,

Where do we even begin to wish you the happiest first birthday baby girl.
From the second we laid eyes on you, our hearts have been split into two and you have made our family whole. Your strength and determination has continued over the past year and we are eternally grateful for the precious miracle that you are.

Thank you for being the happiest little girl, always with a smile on your face. The way your eyes light up when we enter the room and the way others light up when you smile is a true reflection of the little ray of sunshine that you are. You have the sweetest little nature, so calm and placid but yet so willing to stand up for yourself when need be.

You are the best little sister, and the luckiest little sister too. Your big sister SJ is so proud of you and she loves you more than any thing and any one. She loves and adores you, and will always protect you. You are the first person on her mind when she wakes up in the morning and the last person in her dreams at night. You two are the best of friends and you share a unique bond – it has amazed us how this bond was instant from the moment you met. I hope this continues to grow and develop into something even more special.

Thank you for being just like your Daddy – his gorgeous blue eyes, adorable smile and his angelic face. And you have his amazing personality too – one that no one can fault. I hope you stay just like your Daddy – you have big shoes to fill with him but you are already two peas in a pod. You are a lucky girl to have him as your first true love – he is your everything and you are the apple of his eye. It took over 18 months for SJ to become a Daddy’s girl but you fell for him in a heartbeat. Always remember how much he loves you and he would go to the ends of the earth for you.

Have the happiest birthday precious girl – you haven’t had the easiest first year of life but you still wake up with a smile on your face each morning. You have already made the most of all situations, both good and bad and I pray that each day gets better and easier for you. I thank Jesus for the blessing you are in our lives and this week is a great celebration of your incredible life.

We love you to the moon and back
Mommy & Daddy (and big sister SJ)


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