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14 March 2018|

I often get asked personal, parenting and business questions on the blog and social media, and requests to share some insight into our lives or my opinions, and after reading Natasha’s Q&A post, I decided to answer the questions I’ve had recently and also put it out there for new friends to ask anything and everything. So to share with you…

What does MC do for work that he travels so often?

Haha, we always have a good giggle at this one because whenever someone asks this, MC’s ears prick up to see if I really know what he does… MC and his Dad own a family investment company and this company invests in many other companies. The two core businesses are another investment company who have recently launched an exciting property development in Durban (MC is one of the four Directors) and the other is a Facilities Management business which facilitates mines in and around Africa (MC is the Sales and Marketing Director). MC travels internationally to meet with potential investors and mine companies, and also into Africa to visit the many mines that they facilitate.

These businesses are laying a very important foundation for us and our family, and at the beginning stages, this very hard work and the endless weeks of traveling are a need. We know it isn’t forever so we are getting the hard grind done now whilst we can still adapt to so much travel without it affecting our children too much. MC is the most hard working and ambitious man I know – and it’s all done for the benefit and security of his family.

Do you miss having LuluPop or are you still loving your decision to take a break?

Always a bittersweet question but also one that I actually am at peace with. LuluPop is/was my baby and my creative passion, but being a Mum has always been my number one priority. Last year was a busy year juggling three small kiddies and a traveling husband and as hard as it was to make the decision to shut down for a while – it really has been the best one! I now have so much, uninterrupted time with my girls and intentional time for myself and self-care. And now this little blog is my creative space…

I love the love you have for your husband. What are some of the ways you take time to foster your relationship?

You are too kind – but it is so easy loving this man of mine. Growing up, I always dreamt of my “perfect man” and I had a secret check list (i.e.: must be a Godly example and live a servant life, must adore me, must have a gorgeous smile, must be generous to others, must be ambitious and hard working, must be a hands on dad, must be active, must be well groomed – you know those lists we ALL had!) and he ticks every box, and so many more. We also often say that we complement each other in every way and have very little to argue about because we truly understand and just ‘get’ each other.

But the ways I like to think we foster our marriage are: We both serve a loving God. We try and live by His great example and this leaves us in good stead as a couple, we pray and serve and worship together and encourage each other on our spiritual journeys. We set goals together. At the beginning of each year, we sit down together (and this year we went away together) and we set our individual, couple and parenting goals together. We planned out our year, our travels, our finances and so much more – to ensure things run s smoothly as they can and we are on the same page, and we can cheer each other on. We make time for each other. We have a weekly date night which allows us some alone adult time and we are trying to be active together too during this time. We also plan trips throughout the year where we can – weekends away, just the two of us and for our anniversary which allows us some quality time together to connect. We support each other.

When are you coming to Disneyland CA so we can hang out?

Oh man, not soon enough!

How has your little munchkin settled at school now?

Our big girl, SJ has settled so well. She has blown us away with her confidence and maturity with settling into a brand new big school, new class and teacher and only two familiar faces. But she absolutely loves it – she is doing so well, learning so much and comes home full of news and stories each day. It has been the best move for her, and we are so proud of her and so grateful for the easy and successful change and transition.

Our little EN has ‘settled’. I use the term lightly as she has stopped crying and moaning most mornings but she still isn’t as comfortable and happy as she was last year. Our brave little poppet is very different to her sister – she takes a while to warm up to people and new situations and surroundings and she doesn’t have a very big social group. Unfortunately, her teacher from last year and her shared a very special bond – she simply adored her and she was so happy and comfortable around her – and she was incredible at regulating her senses. In saying all of this, she does settle at school and she is learning and getting on with it, but this mama’s heart is sore that she isn’t 100% happy and settled.

What do you buy your babies for their first birthday present?

This is such a brilliant question and one I have been asked a few times, especially recently as our poppet turned one. For previous 1st birthdays, we have bought gifts that last a long time and are beneficial for a range of ages, purely because one year olds seem to outgrow toys so quickly – these have included a swing set, a sand pit and a push trike which they have loved. Some of the smaller favorites are: stacking tower cups, shape sorters and the little mini seated scooters. See my picks below.

Thank you to all the lovelies who reached out – there were a few questions to answer, so Q&A Round Two coming soon. Feel free to leave any more questions below.








  1. Love these posts. Can catch up with an old friend when busy lives don’t always allow for ‘friend dates’ . X

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