Q&A: Part Two

16 March 2018|

And because I got a few of these questions, and I love being able to share my answers with you – the second post of my Q&A.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you do?

Maldives. It has been on my bucket list for years, and being a momma of three – the idea of lazing on the beach, cocktail in hand and doing absolutely nothing sounds heavenly right now. But it’s far and it’s expensive… Maybe one day, second honeymoon! But also – Disney. I cannot wait to take my girls to explore the magical world of Disneyland and have so much fun together!

You have the sweetest group of girlfriends! And so many of them! How did you come to meet so many great girlfriends? It looks like so much fun!

I am truly blessed in the friends department – I have the best of both worlds: quality and quantity. I like to think I am a friendly person and I make friends wherever I go – I am always open to making new friends and welcoming them into my heart and life. I have been blessed to meet and make friends from school, university, travels, starting a bookclub, my husbands friends girlfriends and wives, and more recently through my children’s baby classes and schools and our new church home. With no siblings and a small family, my friends are really like my sisters – and I cultivate and treasure the friendships we share.

Are you from the US? Or South Africa? And what seems to be the biggest difference between here and other places, like the US?

I am born and bred in South Africa and have only ever travelled to the US on holiday. But I always joke that I must have been American in my previous life, because I could move there tomorrow. The biggest differences I have found between the two continents are: the size (South Africa is the size of one the US states so it is tiny in comparison), the accessibility (it blows my mind that places like Target and Walmart and almost all online shopping is available whereas we have very few stores and products available to us in comparison), the food (being a small country, a lot of our food is home grown and very easily available so we seem to have a lot more affordable healthy food and it is our natural way of life).

Is there a lot of fun shopping in South Africa? Your girls always looks so darling, I’m always wondering if you are ordering online or shopping local?

As mentioned above, we don’t have a lot but I love what we do have and we make the most of it. We mainly shop at WoolworthsCotton OnCountry RoadEarthchild and Naartjie. We also have an amazing range of local Online/Instagram stores that make the cutest kids outfits and clothing – and we love to support local. A few of my favorites are: Kapas BabyFlynn Jaxon and Schnooky Pie.

Are your seasons totally the opposite to ours? It seems like it but I wasn’t sure. You’ve just won a million dollars! What are the first 3 things you spend your money on?

They are indeed. We are ending off our Summer and heading into Autumn/Fall – and you are going into Spring Break and Summer… The funniest part of our different seasons is we celebrate Christmas in our beach gear around the pool and you are all bundled up celebrating around fires and in the snow.

You can have dinner with one famous person, dead or alive – who is it?

Princess Diana. She is still one of my most favorite women that ever lived – I would love to chat to her about her upbringing, life in the Royal family and how she changed the world during her short life.

You can never leave the house without…

My cellphone, hair brush and lip gloss.

Thank you again to all you lovely ladies for asking away – hope my answers have kept you entertained. And always free to answer any questions you may have..





  1. I’m moving to your neck of the woods! Your group of girlfriends look like such fun. What a blessing to have so many ladies to depend on and do life with 🙂 Xo

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