ZB 6th Birthday – Decor

So I am still a year behind in sharing birthday party posts, and slowly going to start catching up again… We have just celebrated ZB’s 7th birthday but before we get to that, I’m going to share her party from last…

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Back to School Gifts 2023

We LOVE giving gifts in our home, no matter how big or small. And one of our favourite back to school traditions, is to put...
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January Goals

One of MY favourite posts to read on other blogs is monthly goals. I love to see how everyone is looking at the year and...
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2024 Vision

As many of you may know, I am extremely goal driven. I am "that person" at the beginning of the year: my vision board looking...
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Welcome Back!

A new year. A new start. We all know how my A-type, OCD, perfectionist self can be at the start of a new year -...
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January Wallpaper

Happy New Year - and welcome to 2024! It's pretty crazy that it's already the start of a new year... Although we are still thick...
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Merry Christmas 2023

Merry Merry Christmas. Wishing you a very, merry Christmas and a festive season of joy and celebrations. May the Christmas season fill your home with...
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December Wallpaper

December. And just like that, it's the final month of the year and we are officially on Summer holiday. School is out for the Summer,...
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November Wallpaper

November... I always see November as the last month of year because December starts the Christmas holiday break for us... But it's a VERY busy...
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