Book Review: Happy Place

Title:¬†Happy Place Author: Emily Henry Genre: Fun Romance Main Characters: Summary: Harriet and Wyn have been the perfect couple since they met in college – they go together like salt and pepper, honey and tea, lobster and rolls. Except, now –…

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EN 8th Birthday – People

And our favourite part of any party... the people! What is it about kids parties and the cure and utter delight and joy on their...
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June Goals

May Goals Start my daily journal from KBT's Be Kind Journal recommendation - Loving my new daily journal Kiss MC more - Could definitely do...
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June Wallpaper

Okay okay, I know there are only nine days left in June but rather late than never, right...? And who says you HAVE to take...
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EN 8th Birthday – Decor

Again, a reminder that these posts are all from last year (2022!) and I am just super behind at posting. I promise to archive them...
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May Goals

It's gonna be May... haha, I just had to! April Goals Surround our home and my heart with Jesus I have loved my more consistent...
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May Wallpaper

May is the start of our Winter months, and a special time to celebrate motherhood. A fun, feminine design for you this month: Download your...
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Home Tour: Twins Nursery

We've had a few home decor changes in our home recently - the biggest being the big swap and change over of bedrooms for our...
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Q&A: Twin Edition: Birth & Pregnancy

These are a few of the top questions I've been asked since the twins arrived (and when I was pregnant): Were you trying to conceive?...
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