July Goals

06 July 2021|

July is upon us, officially halfway through the year.

I can’t say I am sad to see this year rolling on by… As we sit in the middle of our South African Winter, middle of Winter school holidays and middle of our level 4 lockdown due to this dreaded virus and it’s third wave in our country…

June Goals

Read, pray or worship every day Loving my time with Jesus every day

Move my body three times a week Besides my nasty bug, I am loving my tennis and training sessions

Get 7 hours sleep each night This is easy for me!

Read 3 books I’ve loved my books this month – book reviews coming soon!

Enjoy a Sunday roast family lunch We have enjoyed a delicious braai and roast lunch together

Paint a watercolour from my Watercolour by Heart course – I didn’t carve out this time but definitely on the list for next month

Celebrate our special MC on Father’s Day – A special day with our MC on this post

Cheer our girls online for their Cross Country – So so proud of them! See the post here

Cheer our girls online for their duathlon and triathlon at school – Another fun day for them! So proud – see post here

Pour my heart and creativity into our Board Vision Day – A constructive and inspiring day with out school Board team

Send two care packages – Managed to send more than two this month, especially with our special Covid deliveries

Bake new recipes with our girls – We absolute loved using our first Jubey Jar recipe to make unicorn cookies – see our baking fun on this post

July Goals

Stay safe and healthy during this wave

Make the most of the family time together with our girls

Family escape to the Drakensberg

Keep my body moving

Bring back date night with MC

Paint a watercolour from my Watercolour by Heart course

Plan some birthday blog fun for next month

Read 4 books

Paint our city red every Friday for The Red Movement campaign

Keep hope alive during a very difficult time


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