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02 June 2021| ,

What is even easier than a quick and simple recipe? A recipe that is already packed into a jar.

Our girls absolutely love to bake – they love to get stuck in and get involved and quite obviously, they love tucking into the tasty treats when we’re done. But it can become quite time consuming to sit and measure everything out so meticulously (and lets be honest, this is the boring part for them!)

Our happiest type of baking often comes in a box but it’s even better when it comes in a very pretty jar with the cutest pictures, colourful sprinkles and from a lady with the most beautiful smile.

Jess is the friendly face behind the Jubey Jar.

The Jubey Jar was born out of Jess’s love for home baking and sweet treats. It seemed like the perfect way to simplify the process and take out the measuring and the mess (some of it anyway!) Each Jubey Jar contains all the dry ingredients you need so all you have to do is shake them out and add a few extra wet ingredients. Home baking doesn’t get simpler than that! Each jar is beautifully packaged and comes with a recipe card and easy to follow steps. Jubey Jars are great for both kids and their grown-ups. They make gorgeous gifts and are a handy addition to have on hand for fast, easy and effortless baking.

We were so kindly gifted two of the most delicious Jubey Jars and our first baking bonanza was the Unicorn cookies.

We had such fun all having a turn getting involved – one shaking and pouring, one cracking eggs, someone mixing, someone pouring out and everyone rolling balls of colourful cookie dough. We popped them into the oven and out came the most delicious unicorn cookies.

They were PERFECT – crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside and filled with melt in your mouth smarties. An absolute hit!

Thank you Jess for your beautiful jars – we cannot wait to bake up a storm again soon.



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