School Sport: Cross Country & Triathlon

15 June 2021|

One of the reasons we love our girls school is the variety of activities and opportunities that are offered to our girls, and from a vert young age. Some of the few that stand out and we have never seen at another school are: kids yoga from Grade 00, robotics and coding from Grade R, competitive galas and sports matches from Grade 1, and an annual aquathlon/triathlon from Grade 1.

Our girls use their PE lessons to train the two or three disciplines, and on the day they compete in the following distances:

Grade 1 – 100m swim and 500m run

Grade 2 – 150m swim and 500m run

Grade 3 – 200m swim, 800m run and 1.6km cycle

The Grade 3 girls were able to complete individually and/or as a team with one discipline each.

Our two big girls, EN and SJ were so excited to compete in their events, they trained so hard at school and even at home, and they were determined to do well. EN wanted to enjoy the race and come in the Top 5, and SJ set out to win her individual event.

They also had their Inter-house Cross Country this term which they were both so excited for too. EN is a natural long distance athlete and she loves pacing herself and enjoying the run, SJ likes to guns blazing and prefers sprints over distance running – but she was determined to win this race and earn the points for her house.

Unfortunately due to Covid, we were unable to be at the school to watch both races but were blessed to watch online, via live stream. We sat in anticipation and then in awe as our two precious girls ran and swam their little hearts out, determined to enjoy and do well, and with the biggest smiles on their faces! And we were bursting with pride for both of them.

EN came 3rd in her cross country and 4th in her aquathlon. And SJ won both her races.

Two very proud girls, and even prouder parents!

Thank you to Sam Legg for these very special photos of our little athletes.


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