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18 April 2018|

I am often told that my parties are a little OTT… And I am sure to many, they are.

But when your oldest daughter comes to you at each party and says “Mommy, thank you for making everything so perfect my sisters birthday party” or “Mommy, thank you for making my party the best ever, and just for me” – that party is my best!

Or when your one year old DOES NOT STOP SMILING at her 1st birthday.

*I’ll let the pictures do the talking*

EN 1st Birthday – Decor and Food

EN 1st Birthday – Family and Birthday Girl

SJ 1st Birthday – Decor

SJ 1st Birthday – Family and Friends


Watercolour images for the stationery: Fathima’s Studio

Stationery: Bash Paperie

Cake, cupcakes and biscuits: Cakes by Carrie

Balloons: Balloons Just 4U

Photographer: Heather Fitchet



  1. Oh my gosh Cals. Her little smile is so beautiful. I am so glad that she enjoyed her party, you can definitely see she did. And your parties are amazing my friend.

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