Dear SJ… On Your 6th Birthday

13 April 2018|

Friday the 13th, 2012.

The day you surprised us all, in a mild panic by making your grand entrance.

Friday the 13th, 2018.

The day you surprise us all by becoming a real little lady.

Dear my darling SJ,

Happy birthday my big girl, my first born, the precious miracle that made me a mama, my little mini-me. Today is YOUR day, it’s all about you and celebrating your God-given life. Why is turning six such a big milestone for your mama? Why am I way more emotional than when you turned five? Maybe because you are the oldest baby in our family? Maybe because you are in ‘big’ school now too.

Today, you are SIX my baby girl. Six years of your pure joy and incredible nature. You bring light and magic to our lives, and we are eternally grateful for you and our introduction to parenting. You made, and still make being a mama such a dream.

Since the lucky Friday the 13th that you arrived into this world, you have been a dream come true. As a baby, you slept through, you fed well, you barely cried and you brought happiness and joy to so many lives. As a toddler, you learnt new things with the greatest ease, charming us with the cutest words, your little drunken penguin waddle, you potty trained yourself and you have never thrown a tantrum. And now as a little girl, you have matured and developed into mommy’s princess – wise and well mannered beyond your years. You have a heart of gold, always thinking about others and putting them first, worrying about their well being and genuinely caring about everyone – making friends everywhere you go, never possessive over your friends and always so accommodating at making everyone feel included.

You observe and absorb absolutely everything – you notice when I have my nails painted a new color or my hair highlighted, you notice a new item of clothing as you open your cupboard and you even noticed when I finally put photos in the frames on our highest kitchen shelf, the second you walked into the room. You remember everything (you have your mama’s memory) – from very little you have matched all husbands with wives, kids with moms names, families with cars, friends with schools, your remember everyones names and even birthdays already.

You are beautiful my child – I get lost in your green eyes (which also show how unique you truly are – only 2% of the population and we all have blue dominant eyes!), your long and dead straight hair is the envy of so many and your smile captivates a room. Your belly laugh makes me laugh immediately and brightens up the darkest of days. Your heart is the most beautiful – your bond with me, your fierce love for your Daddy and your protective love over your sisters. You are an incredible role model sister to them.

But what I love to celebrate today is the bond we share. It’s plain to see that you are my mini-me, you look just like me as a little girl although way more beautiful. And your personality is also me to a T – you are social and friendly, opening up your heart and your belongings to everyone you meet, you care about everyone and will help me give and give to those we love and those in need. You have the biggest group of friends and you adore them and have fun with them all. You are positively bossy and you take the lead in a classroom, in our family and in your friendship circles. You are independent and confident and can hold yourself in any conversation – with a new headmistress on the first day of school, with your little bestie when she lost her special sister and with the wonderful man who cleans our beaches. Your love for Jesus warms my heart and I love the way you cherish your worship songs and the way you learn His Word. Our beautiful Child of God.

You blow us away baby girl and each day, I am not only proud of you and who you are but I am in awe of the lessons I learn from you. You teach me to love deeper, to forgive and not hold grudges, to be intentional and present with those that matter the most, and to love the life I live – and you are only SIX.

Have the best day my birthday princess – let’s enjoy the celebrations (like only you and I know how!)

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  1. Happy birthday Sophie! You are truly a blessing and such an amazing little person. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful birthday angel. Cals you and MC have raised such a wonderful little girl and someone who is caring and loving. She takes so much after you. I hope you both have a wonderful day, celebrating your beautiful angel. Love you my friend.

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