Dear SJ… On your 9th birthday

13 April 2021| ,

Dear SJ.

Happy 9th birthday our beautiful big girl.

You are wise. You are confident. You are friendly. You are intuitive. You are beautiful. You are brave. You are mature. You are adventurous. You are inclusive. You are energetic. You are courageous. You are smart. You are a high achiever. You are a go getter. You are encouraging. You are sensitive. You are an all round magical soul. 

You made me a mama, my proudest role and title. You arrived into this world with your big blue eyes that are now a beautiful green, the most perfect first born, bundle of joy. You eased us into parenthood being a textbook baby and toddler, following all the rules and being the easiest, sweetest precious miracle. You continue to wow us and make us so proud with your easy going nature, smart and wise maturity, and your zest for life and adventure. There is nothing you won’t try and modestly, not much you aren’t capable of doing or good at. You strive to achieve and always have room for more. 

Being your mama is a dream come true – all I wanted to be growing up as a little girl. I am eternally grateful for the unique bond we share, besties since birth, and literally twins in all areas of life. We look alike, we speak alike, we like the same foods, activities and hobbies, we thrive in friendships, we are very aware of the world around us, and we even have the same strengths and weaknesses. I pray that we are always inseparable, that you will always come to me first, that I will always be your role model and that you will always be proud to call me, mama. Have the happiest day my darling, and keep aiming for the stars – because Jesus’ plan for you is greater than we can comprehend.

We love you more than all the sand in the sea.

Love Your Mama x

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