September Goals

08 September 2020|

15 more Fridays until Christmas. Huh?!

September has arrived with all her Spring glory – and how I pray that we start to feel a little more refreshed and renewed soon. This year has really thrown all she possible can at us… I’m starting small with my own small and simple goals, to keep me going and keep me accountable.

August Goals

Pray for the hope and lives of the women of our Nation We always keep praying

Pray that our government listens to the cries and heartache of our women, and start to make a real difference 

Empower and uplift so many brave and courageous women around me

Pray for my three little women, and the world they are growing up in

Pray about and for some very bold family decisions this month We keep praying 

Get my body moving, I’ve neglected it recently Loving my tennis and yoga

Celebrate my birthday, lockdown-style BEST birthday ever!!

September Goals

Welcome a fresh new Spring

Order my 2021 planner

Cheer our girls on for their school Sports Day, virtually

Parent teacher interviews

Have fun with Book Character Day

Celebrate our special godson’s birthday

Enjoy some holiday time with our girls

Linc Sisterhood pyjama party online

Focus on my daily intentions in my gratitude journal

Start to focus on a healthy eating plan

Update our girls milestone albums

Enjoy a kid-free weekend

Celebrate our National Heritage Day

Embrace purposeful prayer 

What are your goals this month? I would love for you to share them with me.


*Image by the talented ladies at  Social Squares

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