Amazing Women: Joanne Herbert & Rachell Kendall

07 September 2020| ,

“Women like you don’t happen often. Never forget how rare you are.” – Anonymous

Our final Amazing Women to feature this month are:

Joanne Herbert & Rachell Kendall – creative minds behind and owners of WK Adventures

Bio: Jo-anne and Rachel both worked in the corporate environment: Jo-anne as cost controller and Rachel as Quality manager and auditor. In February 2020 we decided to change the course of our lives and chose to ENJOY life while focusing on making a difference in the world. We only live this one life and we wanted it to count for something. Being mothers to our children, we agreed was one of our greatest blessing as well as our biggest teacher in life. Rachel, a relatively new mom to two daughters, a 1 year old and a 2.5 year old and Jo-anne being a more experienced mother with a son of 22 years old. With this knowledge of parenting we decided to take a HUGE leap of faith, follow our dreams and go into something educational, unique and adventurous for children, this is how Whizkidzbox was born.

From the very first day we started designing our logo and planning our colors and creating our website, we were both hooked! Everything you see, right down to the website build has been designed and created by Joanne and Rachel, Joanne being a very big driving force in this front. We are so grateful for this business and all we have learnt and continue to learn through this. We have big, audacious dreams for our brand and we hope to have many children follow us through our journey as they discover different countries, what they have to offer, what foods they eat as well as all the different cultures.

Fave colour: Jo – lime green and Rachel – pastel blues.

Fave food: Jo – Curry and Rachel – My moms vegetable briyani (recipe on this site)

Fave song and movie: Jo – Enjoys 70s and 80s music, The Notebook and Rachel – I literally have a new fav song every 2 weeks- whatever headspace I’m in is what determines the music I enjoy at that time. Movie: The English Patient or any good war movie.

Fave travel destination: Jo – Thailand, Phuket and Rachel – London. I often pack my mom’s home-made food while traveling.

Two things you have loved about lockdown: Jo – being home with my dogs all day, and getting creative in the kitchen. Rachel – quality time with my children and animals, enjoying less of a rushed lifestyle with more time for self-reflection.

Two things you have disliked about lockdown: Jo – no restaurants paired with a nice glass of wine and not being able to go to gym. Rachel – Seeing how many people have lost their jobs and seeing the increase in child/woman abuse since lockdown has really struck a chord with me.

Name 3 women who have empowered or influenced you: Our mothers being entrepreneurs and pushing us. Irena Sendler, She smuggled thousands of Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto in the early 1940’s, she risked everything to save the lives of those children and that is truely inspiring. Helena Morrissey, former CEO who established the 30% club, to campaign for greater female representation on company boards, we truly believe that woman bring a different view point in a business.

Thank you lovely ladies for being a part of our feature. I am so glad that we have been in touch and got to know each other – your passion and creativity behind your business in something to be admired and an incredible influence on other women. I am so proud of your love to serve your families and be a part of a business that is fun, creative and teaching our children about the wonders of our world. We have loved our first WK Adventures box – cannot wait to share it with you all. Thank you Joanne and Rachell for the magic you put into each box and country.

You can find this gorgeous powerful duo, online with their new launch:





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