Back to School 2020

23 January 2020| ,

It is a real blessing when your kids are counting down the sleeps until they start to school, race into school with the biggest smiles on their faces and genuinely love the space they spend in every day. And it is a blessing I do not take for granted. We have experienced many a day/term where our girls were desperately unhappy, screamed every morning at drop off, had major anxiety and separation issues with being left at school and genuinely disliked their school environment. And this is what makes these moments so much sweeter and so appreciated – every parents wants to see their child happy and thriving.

Back to School 2020 was a happy start for us.

ZB bounced into her happy play school, biggest hugs for her teachers and had the best day with all her friends, new and old.

EN was so excited to finally be in Grade R – meeting her new little friends and being with her favourite teacher this year.

SJ was a little apprehensive as she didn’t know who her teacher would be, until she arrived at school yesterday – she was so happy with either of the two wonderful teachers but she has also asked Father Christmas if she could be in the “new teachers” class. And guess what, Father Christmas listened to her this year. She has been separated from her little best friends but she has also approached that in the most mature way and is all set for another promising year.

We love getting creative in the holidays, and we spent a day shopping for little class friend and teachers gifts to start the year with a little treat. ZB treated her friends to colourful chalk, EN with yummy sour worms, and SJ with a brand new ruler. Our special teachers got their own personalised notebooks from Macaroon and the cutest flower pots for their desks. And thank you to the talented Kerryn from The Arty Party for our cute stickers and stationery.

2020, the Rosie girls are ready for you.


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