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29 January 2020|

I read the most thought-provoking post, Being Brave by my special friend Rhiannon last week, and it sparked so much in my heart. Rhi is a woman that I look up to and so wish that we lived closer together for us to spend more time in each others company. Rhi is a woman of pure substance and solid gold, she is an intentional wife, a devoted mama to two precious boys, was the owner of a beautiful and successful wedding business, now owns a floral and soap business, she shares her heart in the most beautiful words on her blog and lives her life intentionally, not perfectly.

Like Rhi says, “Brave isn’t a feeling though. It’s not an emotion or something that simply comes over you. It’s instead a choice, a decision to let go or, on the contrary, be all in.”

This got me wondering, have I been brave this past year… Have I made any bold decisions, taken any huge leaps or let go of anything? Yes. Yes I have. And just when I would question myself or doubt myself, Rhi made me realise that I was in fact being brave. And I am proud of my bravery.

What did bravery look like for me in 2019?

For me, bravery is taking a bigger leap into my faith and plugging in to Jesus where I feel called. And when I feel called. Growing my faith has been a bold move in our home, our marriage and our lives but for some of our closest around us, it hasn’t been a shift they have all accepted and respected. We all have different faiths, beliefs and religions and I respect that with everyone amongst our friends and family. It can be difficult when you don’t feel supported or judged but I know that God has got this, and I am following my heart, closer to Him.

For me, bravery is defining what is best for my family. The five of us. Yes we come from our extended families, both our own and in-laws but our immediate family come first. And being brave means putting them first, and everything that we stand for – our love, our religion, our beliefs and what is best for us. Sometimes this means taking a step away from other people when you know that negativity and toxic behaviour isn’t good for us, sometimes it means having hard conversations when your beliefs and values are questioned when they don’t line up with those around you, sometimes it means stepping into your bubble to protect your little cubs. Being brave is doing this, with the utmost love and respect but being selfish by putting us first.

For me, bravery is letting go. Letting go of friendships and relationships that have gone quiet or run their course. Some friends come and go in different seasons. And that’s ok. Learning to let go, rather than hanging on to a friendship that is no longer there or putting in great time and energy when the receiving friend doesn’t place value on the friendship can be so hard, and often very sad. But I have been brave this year, I have let go. I still love and cherish friends and the place they had in my heart, but pouring my endless love and energy into them is something I have let go – which has given me time and capacity to cultivate other meaningful friendships. Friendships that are enriching, uplifting and so treasured.

For me, bravery is having the hard conversations. It has been a long and difficult year for us as a family, and we have walked through some tough and stressful times – most of the time, standing together and fighting as a united army but at times, we allow the stress, tasks and careers take the lead. Sometimes it takes hard conversations and some very big life-altering decisions to get back on track. And a reminder of the important things in life.

For me, bravery is choosing better over bigger. Every day, we are all faced with decisions in marriage, business, parenting, education etc and as amazing as it is to always strive for more – I have been reminded so many times this year, to strive for better for you, not better for someone else. And to remember that bigger is not always better. I often joke with MC that one of my best holidays with our girls was us staying in a one bedroom apartment for two weeks with our two big girls, and it was the most incredible reminder that even though we have been blessed with so much, we don’t need it all. We have explored many paths this year, that ensure better for our family and lose the bigger.

For me, bravery is taking on greater roles. Against what anyone may think or make mockery of, I love to be involved with my girls, their activities and their schools. It is an honour to take on a role as a parent at their school and offer my passion, organisation and leadership in a way that I see will only benefit my girls, their school careers and their education.

How have you been brave this year? What are your thoughts on bravery?


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