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07 June 2019|

After having a relatively small 1st birthday, ZB’s 2nd birthday was slightly bigger as it was now all about her rather than being more about the adults in her life. And she is a real little socialite – winning the hearts of all her little friends and their parents, all her sisters friends and all our adult friends. She can be a real little charmer…

And her party was no different – she truly stole the show with her birthday performance! She ran around, loving everyone, loving being the centre of attention and soaking up her big day, with the biggest smile on her face!

She really does live up to the meaning of her name – abundant life.


Photography: Heather Fitchet

Stationery: The Arty Party

Cake, cupcakes and biscuits: Jadi Clark

Balloon Arch: Balloons Just 4 U

Pineapple cups: Amazon

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