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06 June 2019|

One of the few things in life that we cannot plan is when we will get pregnant or when our babies will be born… So it’s no surprise that I didn’t plan to have my three girls, three weeks apart, and therefore having birthdays so close together. The start of the year is always a busy one for us – our birthday celebrations start in February for MC, March for ZB, April for SJ and May for EN!

One very busy season for us… But also lots of fun! And then it’s done for the year.

So be prepared for some non stop birthday party spam…

ZB’s 2nd Birthday

With two older sisters, birthday party themes are a big deal! Poor little ZN didn’t have a say but her sisters threw around lots of cute ideas and we eventually settled on Two-tti Fruitti.

I love this theme because it is so bright and colourful, so easy to co-ordinate with fruit-theme items everywhere and perfect for a Summer month like March. After browsing around for ideas, my focal point was going to be a colourful balloon arch. And then the colours and fruit just followed…

I managed to source some cute fruit items: plates, cups, napkins, garlands, pineapple cups and balloons on Amazon, and then the wonderful Kerryn from The Arty Party brought the stationery to life. We served fruit pieces, fruit juice, jelly oranges and pineapple donuts for the kiddies. DIY spray painted pineapples and frames with cute fruit posters added to the fun!

How cute are the pineapple party bags? These were filled with fruit sweets, fruit glasses, squishy balls and the cutest strawberry and watermelon fruit sponges that I found at Mr Price Home.

More party pics of our birthday girl to come.


Photography: Heather Fitchet

Stationery: The Arty Party

Cake, cupcakes and biscuits: Jadi Clark

Balloon Arch: Balloons Just 4 U

Pineapple cups: Amazon

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