Dear SJ… On your 7th birthday

13 April 2019| ,

Dear SJ,

Happy 7th birthday our beautiful big girl.

The number 13 will always be a lucky number for us because you were born on the 13th.

Happy happy birthday to our precious big girl – our baby girl that made me a mama for the very first time and who is always by my side. Sophie Jade, you have blown us away with your maturity, confidence and out going personality – the life and soul of a party, our little ring leader who leads from the front and always making friends and welcoming people in.

You are fiercely loyal and will stand up to anyone for those that you love. You love people and parties and bringing everyone together – our little social butterfly and your smile lights up a room. You have a great eagerness to please and to learn, you love the water and you just keep moving and love to be active! Thank you for being a fine example to your little sisters.

You and I share a very special bond my little mini me – I am often blown away at how alike we are – from looks, to likes and dislikes, emotions and interactions – we could be the same person! We are so proud of you, everything you believe in and your love for life precious girl.

We love you more than all the sand in the sea.

Love Mama x

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