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19 March 2019| , ,

It’s no secret that one of my love languages is Gifts.

I love to give gifts – I love to sit and out great thought into the gifts that I give. For birthdays and Christmas, I sit and write a list of everyone that I am going to buy for and then think of what they would really like… And sometimes I even ask for a list from them too.

One of my favorite gifts to also give is to school teachers and class friends. I sit with my girls and we chat through ideas, look for fun and cute ideas on Pinterest, and then we get creative and put fun gifts together for Back to School, Valentines Day, Easter and End of Year.

Back to School Gifts

This year, I had three classes to send gifts for when we went back to school – and I had to think of creative ideas that were also age appropriate.

The teachers all got coffee mugs, coffee and donuts to help them survive the first day of school.

ZB is at play school wth little toddlers – and which two year old doesn’t love bubbles?

EN shared her Starburst sweets with her little friends.

And SJ loved on her sweet friends with delicious chocolate Rolo’s.


Do you like to get creative and send gifts to school? If yes, please share your fun ideas.

Thank you to Kerryn at The Arty Party for the beautiful stationery.


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