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12 March 2019| ,

Are you a reader?

Did you always have your nose in a book? Or was reading something you dreaded at school?

As an only child, I loved books. I always had my nose in a book – in the car, in a waiting room, in the library and in bed at night. I was the child who won many a bookmark for reaching my reading goals each year in primary school and who spent hours in the school and local library after school reading chapters and chapters, getting lost in fairy tale stories. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any siblings to distract me or because I had working parents so there was a lot of waiting after school – or because some of us are just born this way…

What I do know is how important reading is.

Books creative a wild imagination. You can get lost in fictional stories and characters. You can imagine and visualize being in the actual story… Sailing across crystal blue seas, or running frantically through a forest being chased. You can also get lost in the characters lives… Falling for the cute boy next door or sharing a bond with the loving mother. All these fictional stories and fairy tales create an imagination that can run wild, make up their own stories and help us tell our own fabulous stories.

Books help grammar and spelling. I know for a fact that my good grammar and spelling comes from my love for reading. There are no books that have predictive text or short hand abbreviations for words and grammar. A book is the best place to learn the correct spelling and meanings of hear and here and threw and through, and don’t get me started on the correct you, your and you’re. Practice makes perfect for our English spelling and grammar rules, and a book is the best place to practice.

Books are our very own teachers. They teach us valuable life lessons like joy, loss, heartache and disappointment in fictional stories, and they can teach us anything and everything about the world in non-fiction – maps of the world, the history of our country and great ancestors, science experiments and how our human body functions. Books are full of knowledge, and knowledge is so powerful.

Books are our best friends. They are always there, always available and we can cuddle up and get lost in a box whenever we want to. They love in our homes, come on holidays with us, get swapped between friends and family and can bring so many people together. And they stay in our hearts and minds forever.

How gorgeous is our fun rug from Clever Little Monkey and Oh Joy?! It is the softest space for us to all lie around, cuddle up and get lost in our favorite books. And it works so well as a reading space in our playroom, our lounge or in the girls bedrooms.

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Do you love to read? Do your children love to read?

Please share your favorite books below.


*Thank you to Clever Little Monkey for sponsoring this post and our new rug*

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