Christmas 2018

24 January 2019|

Christmas is always a small and quiet celebration in our family. We both have very small families and MC’s sisters are both across the seas, so we usually host Christmas lunch at our home with MC’s parents and my Mom. Since having the girls, Christmas is a very special occasion with much excitement and joy – they truly make Christmas!

This year, we carried on our annual traditions of our naughty Elf on the Shelf, Pinocchio getting up to tricks each night, we spent a quiet Christmas Eve together as a family of five at home, opening Christmas Eve boxes of new Christmas pjs, Christmas treats whilst watching Home Alone and putting our cookies and milk for Father Christmas, and carrots for the reindeers. We also had a surprise visit from Father Christmas himself – he sneaked into our garden and pranced around whilst we watched from our dark lounge… The girls nearly died – they were in awe! (Thank you Grandpa for dressing up in the hot suit and sneaking around the garden after dark!).

Christmas morning was GREAT excitement with shrieks of joy at seeing all the presents under the tree and wondering how Father Christmas got in, where he parked his sleigh and counting down to when Pinocchio, the Elf would be back. We spent the morning opening pressies, playing with new gifts and prepping for Christmas lunch. We went to the amazing Christmas service at our church and sang Happy Birthday to our Jesus and enjoyed His birthday cake and special hugs and wishes from church friends, and then home to a quiet but delicious and festive lunch. We gobbled up a feast and a very delicious home made pavlova, and then jumped into the pool for the afternoon – one of the hottest Summers days.

Such a blessing to share this day with our special family.

How did you celebrate Christmas?


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