October Goals

16 October 2018|

As I log back into my WordPress dashboard, I am sadly reminded that I blogged a whole THREE times in September, and I guess that explains the month that we had… A crazy month!!

September Goals

Exercise four times a week Most weeks except on my trip

See an improvement in my health A slight improvement

Celebrate our Godson’s special birthday The happiest Pirate party!

Receive and style my birthday present – Rain check! More difficult with a toddler in our home!

Enjoy Mommy/Daughter dates with each of my girls LOVED these!

Celebrate our girls school achievements with teacher meetings and Sports Day PROUDEST mama over here! The meetings were so positive and they ran their hearts out at their first sports day!! 

Trip to NEW YORK You real all about it here.

Trip to NORTH CAROLINA You read all about it here.

Attend the MAKE THINGS HAPPEN CONFERENCE with the Cultivate team LIFE CHANGING CONFERENCE! Post to come soon!

October Goals

Explore new medication and have faith in the new path

Enjoy the Mums Living Their Best Lives course with Caitlyn De Beer 

Spend more time in the Word and going to church on Sundays 

Attend the Global Leadership Summit at our church

Keep training three times a week

Celebrate our anniversary

Watch our girls first JP Production

Celebrate a special surprise

Enjoy a special birthday pamper with a bestie

Have fun at our Estate Halloween party and dress up with friends 

What are your goals this month?


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