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18 October 2018| ,

As a mom, my biggest fears having more than one child was how do I spread my love and heart between them? And how do I spend enough quality time with each of them?

But just as your hands get fuller, so does your heart. And you just always seem to find and make the time and space for each child.

Each one of our three girls is so different, but they all love, appreciate and thrive on quality time. With such a full house – they crave one-on-one time with each of us. Mommy/daughter and Daddy/daughter dates are some of their best moments, and as parents we love it too! But as a busy stay-at-home mom, one-on-one time can be tricky on a daily basis – and it’s a juggle trying to keep three girls, all at different ages entertained and happy at the same time.

After some trial and error, researching blogs and Pinterest, the teacher and creative mama in me has had so much fun coming up with fun activities, educational games and toys and age appropriate learning tools for each of our daughters… and the place where all this magic happens is in our PLAYROOM!

Undoubtedly and quite obviously, the playroom is the most used and favorite room in our house, for the whole family. The room is full of fun, laughter, joy, color and magic. We are truly blessed to have this little space in our home and it was one of the first rooms in our building plans when we designed our dream home (honesty moment: it was actually a gym for MC until we fell pregnant with EN halfway through drawing up our plans!) You can see the full playroom tour here.

Each afternoon, we gather in the playroom or just outside to enjoy some afternoon fun. We spend time coloring in, creating arts and crafts, building Duplo or Lego, putting together puzzles and shape sorters or playing imaginary games with our cooking sets or Barbie and baby dolls. We divide our time and afternoons up between individual and age-appropriate activities for each princess (Lego or writing skills for SJ, fantasy play or sensory for EN and shape sorters or baby puzzle for ZB). Or we all join in a fun game or activity together – imaginary cooking and baking wth mini utensils or coloring and decorating with stickers on a big paper pad!

BUT there has always been something missing from our playroom – something to make it warm and cozy (it’s not that much fun being creative on cold, hard, concrete floors!) But also something fun and bright and magical. Something like… the most gorgeous Oh Joy! rugs from Clever Little Monkey.

“The famous design brand Oh Joy! created six original rug designs exclusively for children alongside Lorena Canals. Full of color and joy, you won’t have to worry about the little ones getting their grubby hands on these rugs. Simply throw them in a conventional washing machine – so easy and convenient for modern lifestyles! Now available exclusively Clever Little Monkey.”

We absolutely love our rug – it’s beautiful, happy colors and design fit perfectly in our playroom. The soft and warm texture that we could sit and lie on for hours and the versatility of using the rug in our playroom, outside, in bedrooms – just about anywhere. We will be sharing lots more about our fun and joy with our new rug.

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How do you juggle being a mom to one, two or three little darlings?


*Thank you to Clever Little Monkey for sponsoring this post and our gorgeous rug*


  1. There’s a supplier in Luasaka who sell this rug and I’ve had my eye on it for Stevie’s bedroom!!! Just have to save a little for it because with import duties and delivery it’s expensive! But so pretty I can’t go without it haha

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