Durban July Party 2018

11 July 2018|

Our annual Durban July party was a great success this year – and far too much fun!

Every year it seems to get bigger and better, and loads more fun.

One of my favorite reasons for hosting this annual party is the amount of fun everyone has, the way all our special friends get on (always a drama free event) and the way everyone gets dressed up for the evening. Another year of placing bets on horses (that we pick from a hat so it’s fair!), jukebox dancing, silent disco and photo booth fun!

The VDJ theme this year was It Is Time but we made our own dress code theme:

Monochrome and Metallic

Durban July Party 2017

Durban July Party 2016




  1. Every year your Durban July Parties are amazing. This year looked absolutely stunning. I loved the colour scheme Cals. And your dress was so beautiful! Looked like so much fun. xx

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