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25 July 2018|

It’s no secret around here that my hubs travels a lot for work. We worked out last year that he was away, on average for two weeks a month (some local trips which meant he slept in his own bed at night) but quite a few international trips that lasted 7-10 days (with travel). I’ve always said that as tough as it is having him away from home so much – we know that him working so hard, building businesses and building relationships is all part of the foundation of our future.

We know this lifestyle is not sustainable and it won’t be forever – and rather now when our girls are young, don’t really feel the effects of him being away from home so much, he isn’t missing any important functions or events in their lives and I have great support from our domestic Gogo, our au pair, grandparents and special friends.

That being said – his recent business trip to London was a great surprise for me – because I was invited to join him (by him and the company!). And I leapt at the opportunity to be with him at the end of a very busy work day, spend some time resting and recovering after a rough few months of pain and sickness, and the opportunity to visit special family.

Again, social media can be very deceiving as a highlight reel – we show the fun outings and lunch/dinner dates that we managed to enjoy but the reality is, my poor husband didn’t get home before midnight each night, so I didn’t see him for the first four days (except the business dinner at The Shard that I managed to crash!) and besides slow walks down Oxford Street to do some shopping, I spent time in bed in pain and catching up on sleep – a real luxury for a momma of three.

The fun parts of our trip included: a catch up lunch with my special MIL, a fun afternoon playing my niece and nephew before they move to the US, a quiet catch up lunch with my SIL, dinner at The Shard with the most amazing views, a catch up drink with my SIL, a drinks blate with two very special bloggers Lauren and Amber and a date night with my hubs at Gordon Ramsey’s, Maze restaurant.



    1. Haha, she is a blogging celebrity!! Her and Amber are the most amazing and gorgeous girls – such a relaxed and comfortable afternoon! Can’t wait to go back x

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