Q&A: Part Three

23 April 2018|

And the final installment in my Q&A posts because some lovely ladies so kindly asked the below questions…

If you had boys, what names would you have chosen?

Ironically, we have always had a long list of boys names – a few favorites are were Luke, Cooper, Spencer, Saxon, Parker, and Grayson.

I read from the start your journey about finding the right school for your girls, would you mind sharing what school it is, and if not its totally okay too.

Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable sharing this on such a public platform.

What do you do to relax? 

I love a good pamper, a full body massage at a spa is my best! I love reading and getting stuck into a good book. And I love my sleep!

Your absolute favorite food? Carbs and all.

This is a tough one – I would have to say a roast (with all the trimmings including roast potatoes), a good Durban curry, sushi and peri peri prawns.

When it comes to discipline, do you agree or disagree with smacking?

I am not against smacking but I do think that this method of discipline doesn’t work for all children. We tried smacking with both our girls and whilst it worked for a short period, it is now not a method we use. Losing privileges works best for our SJ and a time out best for EN.

What is your favorite restaurant and drink?

Another tough one but a few favorites are: Nikos GreekThe Chefs Table and Butcher Boys. My favorite soft drink is Coca Cola (!!) and alcoholic drink is a G&T or champagne.

Who are your three best friends? The go to girls you don’t mind sharing your heart with and would be there in a second if your husband was away or something.

This is a tough one because I have a very close group of friends rather than best friends but I my oldest, bestest friend from school lives in Joburg and we have shared almost 20 years of friendship and milestones together. I have mom friends that are like sisters to me and who are my “village” when I am in a crisis or need help, and I have deep and meaningful friends that we connect from the heart and we chat every day and know each other backwards. But my bigger, extended group of fabulous girl friends mean the world to me – around for support through sad times, there to laugh and have fun with in the good times and such an awesome bunch of girls.

Beach or Berg?

Beach. Always.

Favorite indulgence?

Sleep. Massage. Coca Cola. Chocolate.

Your clothes are always on point and I’d love to know where you buy your clothes?

Thank you lovely lady, you are the sweetest. I like to shop at Cotton OnCountry RoadZara and many local Instagram/online stores for more bespoke items and to support local.

What has been the hardest, most challenging thing about being a mom?

The juggle.

Yes – not the sleepless nights, the tantrums or the projectile vomits.

The juggle is real. And now with three little humans and only one of me, it is hard to be in three places at once. Even when I’m home with all three – one wants to add sums, one wants to play dress up and one is trying to crawl up the stairs… It’s a constant juggle when trying to bath or feed all three or get them all dressed and strapped in the car to get somewhere. Going on holiday or even walking across the road – I only have two hands. BUT the bigger the juggle, the bigger the sound of laughter through my home and the bigger the love in my heart.


Congrats if you made it to the end, and thank you again for the lovely Thandie for these questions.


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