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24 April 2018| ,

Where is your favorite holiday destination? Where is your favorite family holiday destination?

For us, it’s Mauritius.

Our family recently spent our Easter holidays in our favorite piece of paradise. Our first overseas holiday as a family of five, and ZB’s first stamp in her passport. And it was the best ten days.

We decided to go back to the one of our favorite hotels, the LUX Belle Mare, which is on the North East coast of the island. Having been there in 2016 with SJ and EN, we were so impressed with everything about this beautiful hotel – it’s friendly staff, clean rooms, kid-friendly pool, delicious restaurants and meals, free ice-cream bar and fun kids club. It was one of our best holidays, and the best place to go back to with our little ZB.

We were originally gong to go in December but we thought that an extra three months for ZB to be that much older would be better – considering she learnt to walk on the island, she could eat all the finger foods at the buffet and we didn’t have to take baby food etc. The hotel set up a baby camp cot and linen for us and we took our stroller – our first holiday without everything and the kitchen sink!

This was our best holiday by far!! Ten days of uninterrupted bliss, quality time together as a family of five and individually with each of our special girls, and even some date night dinners with just the two of us. We all came home sun kissed, relaxed and full love tanks.

Our days typically looked like this:

Late morning starts due to the time difference and later evenings

Nutella pancakes at the breakfast buffet

Mornings by the pool or on the beach (playing games, snorkeling, fishing, tubing, skiing, building sandcastles)

Lunch by the pool or from the food truck

Ice creams on tap

Afternoon snoozes for ZB and sometimes EN

Kids club activities for the older two girls

Beach walks, board games and afternoon coffees

Family dinner at the buffet or date night for parents

Don’t get me wrong, this holiday was busy. Any holiday with three kids, especially three little kids, is busy. But this was the most relaxing of our holiday options. We noticed for the first time that the age gap between our older two girls has got quite big and they have different interests – one is very mature and confident for her age and the other more sensitive and immature. One swam alone allay and made friends with anyone she met, and the other bobbed around in an inflatable very close to mom and dad. And as for the baby child – she would not leave her daddy’s hip THE WHOLE HOLIDAY. Poor Daddy literally didn’t get a seconds break because she would not let him out of her sight, unless her eyes were closed when she was asleep. A real daddy’s girl.

The best part of these holiday trips are the memories you come home with:

The smiles on our girls’ faces every day, watching ZB take her first steps in the water, watching SJ catch her first fish and stand up on her first-time water skiing, catching crabs in the sand and one biting ZB’s finger as she chased it, diving into the deep blue sea and snorkeling along beautiful coral and amongst colorful fish. These are the kinds of experiences that make you appreciate the beauty of the ocean and the joys it brings. For more information and tips on creating amazing experiences like these, check out The Coastal Side, a blog that provides great information about fishing, surfing, and all other water activities. Memories to last a lifetime.

We can’t wait to go back.


Have you been to Mauritius? I would love to hear your island holiday stories.

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  1. So many gorgeous photos, so glad you had such a great family holiday. I really think you should do a blog post about where you find all your girls gorgeous outfits – they always look so cute!!

  2. Oh my Cals! These photos are just too beautiful! I love reading these posts! The girls looked like they enjoyed it so much! You look amazing.

    1. It is an amazing island!! There is a two year gap between my older two and then three years between the younger two x

  3. Such stunning photos and memories! We have just booked our second stay at Lux Belle Mare for October – couldn’t agree with you more about it being the perfect hotel with little kids. You look so fantastic – especially as a Mom of 3! 🙂

    1. YAY!!! So glad you love it too – it is so perfect! Maybe see you there one holiday…
      Thank you for the kindest words too x

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