January Goals

18 January 2018|

Now that you have read my yearly goals on yesterdays post, today (and every month), I am going to share my monthly, weekly and daily goals as per my January tending list. I love this way of tracking your goals and seeing how you can keep going or work at it more… (and color coding just speaks to my heart too!)

Monthly Goals

Work on loving MC in his love languages (which are the opposite to mine!)

Get active together – playing tennis or golf

Enjoy our goal setting few days away

Settle our girls into new schools and classes

Enjoy a mommy/daughter date

Join an Interest group at church

Welcome back our Ladies bible study

Adopt a general healthier lifestyle

Identify true friendships to cultivate

Communicate business plans to clients

Weekly Goals

Choose one love language option a week

Celebrate date night or activity together

Enjoy uninterrupted afternoon fun with my girls

Read my morning Word and Devotional

Clean eating (80/20)

Plan and execute my blogging content

Less phone distraction and designated phone times

Daily Goals


Present over phone


Drink H20


What are some of your monthly, weekly and daily goals? Please share them with them and we can be accountable to each other.

Happy January x


  1. I love your goals Cals. Especially Present over Phone. That has resonated with me so much. Coming home from work and needing to spending time with loved ones, definitely is more important than any social media.

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