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26 January 2018|

If we met for coffee… I would be desperately wishing that I drank coffee. Everyone in the world seems to survive on coffee, and I don’t drink coffee so sometimes I feel like I am not surviving. Tea is amazing and definitely helps soothe my emotional state but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t perk me up like coffee would. But alas.

If we met for coffee… I would ask how you are, and I would expect you to say a whole lot more than just fine. Because fine doesn’t mean anything. I would listen, really listen. I would sip my tea and shut my mouth, and just be all ears whilst you told me about your week, your sleepless nights, your fun celebrations, how proud you are of your children, how you are working on your marriage, the exciting new promotion you just got and how you have made your 2018 goals a priority. I would help to cheer you on or be there to offer your tissues if you were down.

If we met for coffee… I would cry. 100% tears rolling down my cheeks. It’s been one of those weeks – an extreme rollercoaster of emotions. And I definitely wouldn’t be able to hold it together. And a good cry can make the world of difference – every day might be a bit much though!

If we met for coffee… I would tell you that parenting can be heartbreaking and gut wrenching. I would tell you that watching your baby girl cry every morning when you drop her at school because she cannot cope with the change, she isn’t sure of her new class, new teacher and new surroundings and how her little soul is trying to hard to be brave. I would tell you that I put on a brave face but when I leave, I completely crumble and I feel like I have fed her to the wolves. I would tell you that it has taken a whole lot of patience, understanding and the best extra cuddles to get us both through this week.

If we met for coffee… I would pray for you and over you for the day, month and year ahead. Because we all need prayers.

What would you share with me, if we met for coffee.

Happy Friday x

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  1. My heart breaks when I read this post. I hope your little one settles in soon. This is truly my biggest fear. If we met for coffee I would definitely cry with you. All the best. Be brave Mum!!

    1. Thank you lovely – it’s not fun for a mama’s heart! But praying that this week is a better and more settled one for her x

  2. I would listen , really listen and feel your pain with you !! I would cry with you and comfort you cause it will get better. I would remind you of the positive changes coming up which would certainly help in many ways ! I would remind you of how special and gorgeous you are ! What an awesome daughter, wife and Mamma you are each and every day!! I love you ❤❤❤❤

  3. If we met for coffee… I would have the tea too! I would have insisted we sip tea at a pretty tea spot I know in Durbanville. I would then tell you how everything will be OK. I would tell you how what you’re going through is heart-wrenching but to rest assured (from a mom who now has a tween) that they end up loving their new class, teacher’s word becomes gospel and how very soon she will want to be dropped off earlier and then your heart will break in a different way, because suddenly she has a whole life away from you. I’d also remind you that growing up is a part of life and that every milestone like this one, is going to shatter, bend and reshape your heart because this is what is feels like to be a mom. You would definitely leave our table feeling slightly more reassured albeit still teary than when you came in!

    1. Ah thank you lovely – always s reassuring reading experienced advice like this. That tea spot sounds lovely too x

    1. Thanks Mich but SJ moved to a new school and she is so happy and settled and loving it! Our little EN is at the same school as last year and she is the one struggling… Poor little soul x

  4. Aah my friend, I wish I could give you a big hug, cry with you and tell you how much I understand your heartache. We went through 3yrs of drop off tears and not wanting to go to Daycare, 3yrs of clinging onto us so we couldn’t leave, 3yrs of “mummy don’t leave me, please”. I could count the good drop off’s on one hand 🙁 (he didn’t want to come home in the afternoons, so I knew he was happy there and had a good day, it was just the moment of separation). Its heartbreaking and I don’t have the answers, but I know how important it is to tell you you’re not alone, to have a good cry and just cuddle them and reassure them as much you can. You’re an amazing mama and I know in time EN will settle and feel comfortable and secure. Lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you Sas – and I am so sorry about your years of heartache! I could never imagine doing it for so long… She is slowly settling and there are way less tears so this mamas heart is mending itself back together again x

  5. My Cals

    If were to have coffee together, I would tell you that I know how you feel about your baby feeling scared. I would give you a big hug and tell you that my shoulder is always there for you. I would tell you that lately I haven’t been feeling as strong as I wish I was. But that reading your blog and regular updates on twitter and fb, gives me hope. You are such a special person and someone I look up to so much.

    1. My She, this both breaks my heart (knowing you are going through some testing times and not being strong) but also warms my heart that even from afar, I can be of some inspiration and courage to you. I am so proud of you and you are stronger than you know x

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