Christmas Family Shoot 2017

27 December 2017| ,

This year was a very special Christmas and a very special family photo shoot – our first one as a family of five. We decided to try something different this year and all wake up at 4am to have a sunrise photo shoot – we were pleasantly surprised that everyone was awake, fed, dressed and out the house by 4.45am for our sunrise at 5am – all happy and full of smiles (we all know that these shoots can be pretty chaotic!)

And we just knew the photos would be well worth the early wake up call – and our shoot was done and dusted by 6am before the work and school day started…

Thank you Heather Fitchet for our gorgeous photos, for waking up at 4am with our crazy sunrise plan and for being a special party of our family – capturing life’s memories for us.


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