ZB – 7 Months

13 October 2017|

Month 7: 

Weight: 9,1kgs

Height: 71cm

Clothing size: We are now in 6-12 months and even some 9-12 months (especially around those chunky thighs!!

Diaper size: Size 4

Feeding: Cereal and fruit with a bottle at 7am, biscuit and a bottle at 10am, vegetables (butternut, carrot, potato, sweet potato, green beans, marrow and broccoli) and fruit at 12.30pm, bottle at 3pm and vegetables and protein (chicken, beef or lamb) and a bottle at 5.30pm for dinner. And she doesn’t leave anything behind!

Sleep: Mostly pretty well from 6pm – 4-5am – except when she had croup and teething! And two good long sleeps during the day.

Milestones: We have our first tooth and she is sitting. She is also sitting in her little bath ring, and she loves to play with her feet and hold her toys and dummy.

Loves: Food. Mama, Dada, her big sisters, Gogo. Her dummy and tablet to sleep. Tickles and music – she loves to move! Kicking her legs and splashing in the bath.

Dislikes: Not too much she doesn’t like – a very happy girl at the moment. Although we had her first taste of separation anxiety this month when she only wanted mama, and cutting teeth isn’t much fun for anyone!

Adventures: Our baby girl was dedicated to Jesus this month with the most incredible ceremony and celebration. Our little ZB was such an angel and she entertained everyone with her big eyes and precious smile. We cannot wait to share this soon.

Mommy & Daddy could not live without: Time away together. Busy schedules, illness, three busy kids, sleepless nights and so much more is a lot to take in and embrace each day, and it doesn’t leave much time for the together, uninterrupted. We managed to escape for our anniversary and reconnect and recharge, and coming back rearing to go. We missed our baby girls so much but it was amazing to enjoy the time out.

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*Monthly pictures taken by the very talented Bron from Vanilla Photography*


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