SJ – 7 months

28 November 2012|

Month 7:

Weight: 8,1kgs

Height: 67cm

Clothing size: All 6-12 month clothing and some 12-18 month pants (I blame the belly!)

Diaper size: Size 3 and 4

Feeding: 7am – cereal and prune and yoghurt, 10am – bottle and toast, 12.30 – mixed veg (butternut, carrot, potato, sweet potato, marrow and green beans) and  protein (chicken, beef or lamb), 3pm – bottle and a biscuit and 6pm – cereal and bottle. Still loving her solids.

Sleep: Still a little angel sleeper – sleeping well during the day and through the night!! We are so blessed at how our little princess loves to sleep (definitely just like her mama!)

Milestones: SJ is sitting well without any support. She is holding two toys at once, sometimes. She plays with her feet, pulls at her ears and hair. She has started clapping and her first two little teeth (on the bottom) are slowly peeping through.

Loves: Bath time with mommy and daddy, sitting on her own and playing, being outside in the fresh air, singing and clapping her hands to music.

Dislikes: Her little teeth moving and cutting in her mouth! 

Adventures: We went to a game farm for the weekend with special friends this month. SJ loved being outdoors and with other children. We celebrated Halloween with many trick or treaters in our neighborhood – SJ greeted them all with sweets in her pumpkin bib. We also attended her first Christmas party and she met Father Christmas and received her first gift.

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Each other. This has been a busy month socially, with business and a lot of traveling. We rely on each other a lot to help out whenever we can. MC is an amazing daddy and he tries his best to spend as much quality time with SJ as he can. She absolutely adores her daddy and her special breakfast time, dinner time and bath time with him. It is a blessing to have such a solid rock of a husband. 

*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented, Bron Fourie from Vanilla Photography


  1. Oh my goodness, she is cute! I have a 6 month old and he's just cutting his first teeth too! That great that she's loving solids so much. Our little guy is too! Isn't it great to see their tastes developing? So fun. These updates make me look forward to what I'm about to go through with Mac.

  2. Cutie pie! Congrats on the teeth… zoey is still waiting for those. Seems like she is a good eater with a great schedule! I could learn a thing or 2. Just wondering, how do you feed her toast? Does she suck on it?

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