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17 August 2017|

Gorgeous mama’s, what do you do with your children’s art pieces?

You know those amazing paint pieces that come home at the end of term, the safari animals, gorgeous world landmarks, the different flags from each country, the 3D fruit and vegetables and the beloved Santa with a cotton wool beard? And don’t forget the artistic 3D “castles” they make from the recycled waste and the A4 white page that has one little lonely yellow dot?

I can tell you my secret – I store all the big and important art in massive folders that take up numerous shelves in our cupboards. And I chuck the smaller, non-important pieces in the bin (when they aren’t looking!)

Until now.

Bumble Box has officially made all mamas dreams come true with storing your little tots masterpieces. Bumble Box puts all your art pieces together into a beautiful coffee table book to display and enjoy.

And it is so easy to order:

Step One

Bumble Box deliver an empty Bumble Box to your doorstep. Convenient right?


Step Two

Fill the box up with your favorite pieces of art, letters, poetry, anything goes and let them know when it is ready to collect.


Step Three

Let the magic begin! Their little worker bees turn your precious art into a beautiful art book.


Step Four

Your Bumble Box art book is on its way to you. Sit back and enjoy a lifetime of memories!

And it is THAT easy.

And they are absolutely gorgeous. We are so proud of SJ’s first art book, and she spends ages paging through the book, in awe of her magic being printed on the page.

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, genuine and I paid for my own Bumble Box art book*


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