ZB – 4 Months

18 July 2017|

Month 4: (a few days late)

Weight: 7,0kgs

Height: 61cm

Clothing size: We are now in 3-6 months (and even those pants are tight!)

Diaper size: Size 3.

Feeding: Loving and fattening up on the formula. Bottles are now 180mls during the day and 210mls at night and early morning. Our little ZB cannot get enough. Our feeding at night has gone a bit backwards and is now sometimes twice at night…

Sleep: Sleep? What is that? Haha, this little rascal is all over the show at the moment. We had a great 2 weeks of sleeping from 6.30pm until 4am, then 5am and even 6am. But now we are waking almost every hour between 11pm and 6am !!!

Milestones: She has started to grasp objects placed in her hands. She sits propped up against things. She pushes her feet when held in a standing position, and seems to be VERY strong. She laughs and giggles out loud and just loves putting her hands in her mouth.

Loves: Everything – she has really found her sense of humor this month and just laughs at loud at anyone or anything. Her milk – our little chunky just loves to eat! And she has now taken to the touch of her Baby Sense taglet.

Dislikes: Being tired or feeding when we are out – she hates to be distracted!

Adventures: ZB has joined in the holiday fun with her big sisters coming on our daily outings, but she actually prefers being at home. We also enjoyed special family weekend away at Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg mountains and ZB loved being out in the fresh air and spending quality time with Daddy and her big sisters.

Mommy & Daddy could not live without: Our Gogo. With the exhausting days and long nights, and Daddy traveling, our Gogo has been a real angel. She has helped look after ZB in the early mornings to allow Mommy an hours sleep, she has entertained the big sisters to allow one on one time with Mommy, and she even slept inside and got up for night feeds twice to give Mommy a break. She is an absolute gem and we are truly grateful for all that is to our family.

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*Monthly pictures taken by the very talented Bron from Vanilla Photography*



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