ZB – 3 Months

14 June 2017|

Month 3:

Weight: 6,12kgs

Height: 57cm

Clothing size: 0-3 months

Diaper size: We are still on size 2.

Feeding: Loving and fattening up on the formula. Bottles are still 180mls but on average, she will drink 120-150mls. We are still following a daily schedule of 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm and demand feeding at night – she is only feeding once at night.

Sleep: We are in a good routine now with going down at 6.30pm after her bath, and then only waking once between 2.30-4am to feed and then up between 6-7am. She sleeps in between feeds during the day, but now also awake a little more for some play time.

Milestones: She lifts her head when in a sitting position, she squeals and coo’s, smiles and started giggle. She has now found her hands and loves chewing on them.

Loves: Daddy & Mommy and her big sisters, the grin when she recognizes our voices and faces is too cute! She loves her bath and a cuddle.

Dislikes: Vaccinations again and the car stopping or being still.

Adventures: You had two sleepovers with Aunty Cands, Lylo, Nanny Mel and Madi and Georgia. You were such a good girl with your ‘other’ family and you just loved being with them – even though Mommy and Daddy missed you so much! We also shared a special weekend in the Drakensberg with your friend Brooklyn and the Fourie family – you loved being out in the mountain air.

Mommy & Daddy could not live without: Special friends. We are so lucky to have special friends that love and adore you, just like we do. You are loved and cared for, kissed and cuddled and doted on by so many special friends. We are so grateful for friends that offer to look after you and share in your happiness and joy. And the special friends that spend quality time with you watching you grow and develop. You are a special girl, Zoe Belle.

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*Monthly pictures taken by the very talented Bron from Vanilla Photography*


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