ZB – 1 Month

18 April 2017|

Month 1:

Weight: 3.93kgs

Height: 50cm

Clothing size: Newborn

Diaper size: We have just moved to size 1 from size 0/newborn

Feeding: 120mls until this week, we have moved up to 150mls every 3 hours. We are following a daily schedule of 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm and demand feeding at night.

Sleep: We are slowly getting into a good routine – going down at 7pm, waking between 11.30pm-12am for a feed and then again around 4-5am. She sleeps between feeds during the day but can get a little restless.

Milestones: She seems to be reaching all small milestones – she recognizes mommy and daddy’s voices, she is beginning to focus on people and definitely the start of a smile (with her eyes for now!)

Loves: She loves to be cuddled and held and will settle and fall asleep instantly in someones arms, loves moment in the pram or car, loves her little cherry dummy to soothe and loves her big sisters ooh-ing and aah-ing over her.

Dislikes: Not too many dislikes yet – doesn’t like to be cold after her bath.

Adventures: We heard that third children just fit in and this is true for adventures  – you went to your first wedding at two weeks old, all bundled up in your bassinet. Nana looked after you for an afternoon while we enjoyed some holiday fun with your sisters. And you celebrated big sister SJ’s 5th birthday party.

Mommy & Daddy could not live without: Each other. It has been an amazing experience welcoming a new baby girl into our family but it also comes with the juggling act and adjustment to three kiddies in the house, as well as school holidays, family visiting, birthday parties, Easter and some illness. We have learnt that as a team, we can conquer anything and we work so well together.

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*Monthly pictures taken by the very talented Bron from Vanilla Photography*


    1. Thank you Meg. Looking back on my older two girls, I am so glad I did this – and I put them into a photo book too!
      Also fun to compare notes between the girls. Thanks for stopping by x

  1. I think she is looking quite a lot like SJ did my friend, but also very much her own little beauty. Love her x

  2. It’s amazing how different they all look! But now Ellie and Sophie are almost a spitting image of each other.

    1. Genes are a crazy thing my friend – Zoe looks more like me as a newborn baby and she has some facial expressions that are all Sophie. And the older never looked alike until now! x

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