What a Week!

17 April 2017|

“When it rains, it pours”

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”


The last FIVE¬†days have been pretty chaotic in our house. To be honest, I am even too exhausted for a full post so bullet points it is…

School holidays for two busy toddlers

Five week old baby who feeds every 3 hours

Breastfeeding but milk drying up at some feeds

Family visiting from London with another two busy toddlers

A family shoot with a newborn and four busy toddlers

3am trip to the ER with EN having a febrile seizure from high fever

EN getting diarrhoea and an average of 2 nappies/diapers an hour

SJ’s 5th birthday

Another trip to the ER for EN

Diagnosis of Salmonella/Dysentery for EN

Three days of high fevers

Five days of diarrhoea

SJ’s 5th birthday party

Body aches and pains for me


Trip to the ER for me

Diagnosis of internal infection of my c-section scar

Morning of antibiotic IV drip

Five day course of antibiotics

Three days strict bed rest

Husband traveling for business for three days

Are you tired yet? Because I am done!


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    1. Thanks Sha – EN is much better today but I am in a lot of pain! I am sure meds and rest will help soon x

  1. Oh no Caley! What a tough week! Praying for special grace mama! I hope you are shouting for help and bossing people around! If i was closer, I’d be there in a shot – I remember being unwell with two kids and husband away….not for sissies!!! Sending lots of love xoxox

  2. Oh my friend, I’m so sorry that you’ve had all of this going on! I hope things start to settle down quickly and that both you and Ellie heal up soon. Sending you lots of love x

    1. Thank you my Shan – already both on the mend and things are looking up. Staying positive!
      Sending you love Miss Fiance x

    1. Thank you my sweet Ash – what a crazy period in our lives but already all on the mend and looking up! Staying positive x

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