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03 February 2017|

I am glad that we have managed to get to Friday in one piece – what a week it has been!

One // Pre-term Labour. I unfortunately ended up in the Labour ward on Wednesday after having a night of intense Braxton Hicks/mild contractions and horrible pain all of Tuesday night. I was monitored for the day and given medication to ease the contractions and slow down any form of labour. I ended up spending the night under observation and on the medication to ensure that our baby girl didn’t make her appearance at 31-32 weeks! Very grateful to be home with her snug and safe in my tummy – hopefully for a few more weeks!

Two // My Baby Shower. I arrived home from hospital to the most delicious donuts and an outfit for my baby shower this weekend. Beyond grateful for the special ladies in my life who are showering me and baby girl #3 with so much love already.

Three // Besties Baby Shower. Last weekend, I hosted a baby shower at our house for one of my besties Shan and her third sweet babe. Shan has two boys (the same ages as my girls) and baby number 3’s gender is a surprise! Such a relaxed evening with bubbly and snacks and the most gorgeous mama to be.

Four // Happy Birthday Grace Family Church. Our special church celebrated its 25th birthday this week and our service last Sunday was filled with exciting stories and memories, Kids Church singing Happy Birthday, lots of balloons and delicious cake. We are proud to be a part of this incredible church family.

Five // Parent Teacher Evening. My one outing this week (having to now stick to mild bed rest) was supposed to be to the girls school for the ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening, but my hubs decided bed rest took preference so he went alone. Our girls have both been blessed with two of the best teachers we know – such warm, loving and fun ladies who adore our girls and have already touched their lives in an amazing way. So excited for this year ahead for them.

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  1. By chance saw this and so gad to have found your place in the web. Best of luck with the last few weeks and keeping that precious girl in there safe and sound to bake a bit more

  2. I always love reading these posts and seeing what’s going on in your life, my friend. SO happy to know that you are home with baby girl still cosied up in your belly! Have been praying for you and your third little princess so much this week, and will continue to do so! Also, how special that both you and your bestie are expecting baby number three? Hope you have a wonderful baby shower this weekend, my friend… sending you SO much love! x

    1. Thank you my Che – such a lovely but also chilled weekend. So amazing to be expecting with my bestie (for the third time too!) x

  3. I stumbled upon your blog by chance — I, too, had preterm labor issues this week! I went in for a routine non-stress test yesterday morning and they ended up seeing that I was having contractions every 5 minutes and admitted me in to L&D triage… definitely NOT how I expected the morning to go! I am 34 weeks so they said they won’t stop me if my body decides to push this little girl on out, but they gave me steroid shots and I am on modified bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. I will be praying for you — it’s scary having things progress so early!!!!! I’m with you in solidarity, drinking beaucoups of water and keeping feet elevated. Keep on cooking, little ones!!!!!!

    1. Ah Kelly, I am so sorry – sending you love and prayers too! I am just trying to get through each week and having had my last daughter at 34 weeks, I am praying for you too x

  4. Just popping in from the link up. Sending good thoughts your way for a safe deliver — but not until the time comes! Hope you are resting and having a wonderful weekend!

  5. Good luck and during the rest of your pregnancy! Sending positive vibes and prayers! Despite the scary pre-labor pains, you’re so close and that’s awesome! You look great and glad I found your blog!

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